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Cosmos FMV: a character replacement mod for FFVII cutscene movies

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Cosmos FMV is a character replacement mod for FFVII cutscene movies.

With this mod you can choose between two style of characters from the IRO settings:

* Original battle models for main characters + ChaOS models for secondary characters
* NiNoStyle chibi modelsThere are two packs available, a 15 fps version and a 30 fps version.

This mod replaces all major FMVs where chibi models were originally used. All other remaining FMVs are also included in the IRO so no need to use other FMV packs such as SYW at the same time.



Cosmos FMV 1.02

- 15 fps version

- 30 fps version


- Fixed a problem with the Junon escape movie not playing.

- Added new movies for all major FMVs where chibi models were originally used.


Satsuki Yatoshi for providing the upscaled FMVs.
NiNoStyle for providing the chibi models.
Kaldarasha for providing the full-size secondary character models.
myst6re and TrueOdin for working on the audio/video separation functionality to allow compatibility with Cosmo Memory and in the future Echo-S.
Bonez for adapting Cosmo Memory to only replace the FMV audio.

awesome! finally :D

Will this work with Cosmo Memory I heard that also includes the FMVS should I just load this mod above it? Great work Cosmos!

You are legend. This was something never achieved and today for the FFVII 25th Anniversary you did provide the entire fandom an incredible treat, we don't deserve it.

Thank you for this monstrous masterpiece Cosmos which you meticulously worked out. Respect.

PS: Cosmos = Magic. I dunno what to expect next...

this is amazing . happy 25th anniversary everyone  :)


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