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This is an IRO file which will require 7th Heaven Mod Manager (see:
Be sure this mod is above any other User Interface mods in your load order.
This mod requires 7th Heaven 2.9+.


If you enjoy the mod, consider a little something for the many many hours it took to put this together: Donate Here

Retouch mod: everytime there is a "j" in the text there is always a space after it. Example: J enova. It's an annoying little text issue.

Hi i'm tryng to use this mod with sephiroth swap mod. Can someone help me swap the icons for cloud/sephiroth in battle and in text?I have already extracted the iro ,but can't find an easy way to replace it like the avatar on menu.

The best mod out there for Remake UI. And now with Ever Crisis options.


Thanks Bonez for updating the avatars!  Now they're all pretty consistent with the remake feel.

The "Blind" status icon still gets me to do a double take since it kinda looks more a "Bleed" or "Ink" or "Oiled" icon. But this is a Remake problem though since there isn't a real icon or actual status effect for it anymore.


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