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FF7_SYW_Unified - 1.08

Please use FF7_SYW_Unified installer unless you want to add other mods; if you want to add more mods then use 7th Heaven 2.4+ 7z archives (no support from me).
The versions number might be different between FF7_SYW_Unified installer and iros files, but the textures are the same, just use the latest version for both.

■ Download FF7_SYW_Unified 1.05 :{HERE}. {MIRROR - 7thRocks}. {MIRROR - MEGA} {MIRROR - GoogleDrive}
■ Download FF7_SYW_Unified 1.05 -> 1.08 update :{HERE}. {MIRROR - Google drive}. {MIRROR - Satsuki HD}

Unified pack source code

Always use the lastest version to avoid bugs, support only for version 1.08.

■ Download SYW 7th Heaven mod's archives files: HERE. {MIRROR - Mega}

(Last update: 2024/03/06. Reason: FF7_SYW_Unified 1.05
(Trailer: Download or YouTube)
(French thread : Here.)

You can make a donation to support my work: HERE.

What's SYW?
The SYW mod represents the most accurate modern take on the PC version of Final Fantasy VII helped by deep learning techniques (such as ESRGAN). The package includes cleaner, more detailed and higher resolution background arts, battlefields, worldmap, magic effects, animations, minigames, menus and videos. All upscaled with AI or done in HD from scratch.

The main goal of the SYW mod is to get as much as details as possible without having an oversharp and overclean effect; also to keep the rendering as natural as possible and constant in quality across the whole game.​

You'll need an original copy of FF7 (it will be asked while installing FF7_SYW_Unified), steam version, 1998 cd, or psx cd (maybe windows game store version too but i don't own one so i can't test)

Features of FF7_SYW_Unified

* All FFNx great features (Mainly TrueOdin, myst6re, Vertex2995, Comos, sithlord48)
* Upscaled HD Fields with full animations (plus char texture for 3D elements like the flipper in the bar for example)(by myself)
* Upscaled HD Battle backgrounds (plus textures for some enemies)(by myself)
* Upscaled HD Worldmap (plus effects)(by myself + Aavock for minimaps)
* From scratch HD Battle effects and magics by Kela51 (plus several fixes by myself)
* Upscaled HD Minigames (Aavock, myself, and jtd)
* From scratch HD Menus and Font (by Aavock, myself, and jtd)
* Upscaled HD Animations (first mod with these animations)(by myself)
* Upscaled HD 30fps Movies(by myself)
* Modern 3D models (ChaOS by Kaldarasha)
* Chibi HQ 3D models (NinoStyle by Nino)
* Psx HQ music (FFNx FF7Music by myst6re)
* Complete sound overhaul (Cosmo Memory by bonez)
* 60 fps patch (Obesebear, Kaldarasha, Vertex2995, and quantumpencil)
This Unified version has the following improvement compared to version 5.xx:

* Multilang support, the 4 original ff7 1998 pc langs exe are supported.
* All localised textures have the upscaled versions (minigames, game over, fmv subtitles... - the minigame will be improved over time)
* Multiple gameplay mods.
* Multiple 3d models mods.
* Multiple Musics / sound mods.
* Memory/gameplay patchs.
* FMV done from scrtach again, sharper, more accurate colors, better 30fps interpolation, sfx done from psx from scratch.
* Possibility to add translation and thrid party mod to the pack (not iro, it's not a replacement for 7th heaven).
* ... loooots of stuff, just test it ^^

Install FF7_SYW_Unified on PC

* Download and extract the .zip archive file
* Use the .exe install (will take some time)
* Launch the game with the desktop shortcut (you can't use the FF7 shortcut before using the FF7_SYW_Unified panel once)

Install FF7_SYW_Unified on Steam Deck
It is not enough to simply add the installer to non-Steam games. This is because the installer requires the .NET Framework to function correctly.

Here's how to proceed to get the pack to work:
(Note: The procedure described is done with the latest version of SteamOS.)

Install FF7 on Steam.
Since the installer can't view the .local directory, create a symbolic link to the folder containing the FF7 executable in one of the folders in your Home directory:

* After installing the game, right-click on it, select Manage, and Browse local files to find the location of the folder.
* Open a new tab in your file explorer and go to the Home directory or a subdirectory within the Home directory.
* Right-click > Create new > Link to a file or directory...
* Give your link a name and paste the path of the folder you opened just before.
Install Lutris (available in the Discover store):

* Run Lutris, click the + button, and then Add a locally installed game.
* Name your game and select Wine from the Executor dropdown menu.
* Go to the Game Options tab, Browse, and locate the pack's installation executable, then click Save.
* Go to the Wine Prefix field and identify a folder for the installation such as /home/deck/FF7_SYW_Unified then click Save.
* Click on your game, and at the bottom of the window, click the wine glass icon, then select Winetricks. A new window appears in the taskbar, click on it.
* Leave the option on "Select the default wineprefix" and click Validate. Another window appears in the taskbar, click on it.
* Select "Install a Windows DLL or component" and click Validate. Another window appears in the taskbar, click on it.
* Select dotnet48 and click Validate.
* You should now be able to run the installer from Lutris without any issues and point it to the executable of your FF7 game installed on Steam.
Once the game is installed, right-click on your game in Lutris and click Configure:

* Modify the location of the executable, select the update, and repeat the process to install it.
* After the update is installed, right-click on your game in Lutris and click Configure.
* Change the location of the executable and select the game's executable: FF7_SYW_Unified.exe, and save your changes.
* Right-click again on the game, then click Create Steam shortcut.
* Switch to Gaming Mode and run the game. Remember to adjust your controller profile to support the mouse; it will be much more convenient than using touch controls.
* Launch the game from the mod's configuration menu and exit.
* Return to Desktop mode, delete the Steam shortcut.
* In Lutris, right-click on your game, then Configure, and once again modify the executable location to use: Pack installation folder /Game/FF7.exe so that the game runs directly without going through the configuration menu.
* Right-click again on your game > Create Steam shortcut.
That's it, you just need to return to Gaming Mode.
You can also uninstall the previously installed FF7 game on Steam, as it will no longer be of any use.
If you use oled version of steam deck, setup the rendering engine to vulkan (in 'driver and patchs') to avoid colors issues

Further Modding: 7th Heaven 2.3+

* Use the lastest updated 7th Heaven version HERE. (Scroll down, click "Assets", and grab
* Then go in 7th "Settings/General Settings" and bottom-left you'll find FFNx section, click canary then check for updates, say yes and then "Restore defaults" next to save.[/li

My mods for 7th don't use the "iro" container to optimise loading speed and avoid lags ingame.

I recommand to install thoses mods with 7th catalog, it's the easyiest way to do it.

To install them manualy it's amost as easy as using a ".iro" file :
-Download the .7z file
-Extract it (with 7zip for exemple)
-In 7th use the "Import Mod" button, then "From Folder" and select the folder where you have extracted the mod (do it for each mod you want to import).

FF7_SYW_Unified panel previews picture :

FF7_SYW_Unified ingame previews picture :

Known bugs :
None (v1.08)


Version 1.08:
-Added missing dependency for the trainer (needed with some computers).
-Corrected a folder collision bug.

Version 1.07:
-Updated FFNx version
-Fixed a bug with external SFX (via FFNx update)
-Fixed a rare slowdown when engaging in dialogue with certain NPCs (ChaOs or NinoStyle models only)
-Fixed the Cait Sith reporter model with NinoStyle models
-Fixed bug that the ancient temple clock was not synchronized with the 60 fps patch
-Fixed the color of the chocobos in the farm field when lighting is enabled
-Added a trainer function for more advanced mods
-Added the dynamic weapons mod for both ChaOs and NinoStyle models
-Added the 1 gil mod where you cannot have more than 1 gil on you during the game
-Added progressive difficulty mods (monster levels are relative to Cloud's level throughout the game)

Version 1.06:
-Updated FFNx version
-Updated Como Memory version 1.14
-Updated Black Chocobo version
-Updated New Threat mod version 2.0.99994
-Fixed "Always run" patches causing crashes if used simultaneously with footstep sounds
-Fixed "True wait" patches causing crashes in combat (French versions only)
-Fixed the mog game screen in the Gold Saucer in 16:9
-Fixed cutscenes having incorrect audio tracks when using Cosmo Memory (except intro)
-Fixed crash in Gi Cave with the French version of the New Threat mod
-Fixed missing '@' in Aavock's UI
-Optimised alignments in menus with the 30,000 HP/MP option
-Added a button (in the "Help" section) to create a debug archive you can provide in case of bug report

Version 1.05:
-Updated FFNx version
-Updated New Threat mod version 2.099993
-Fixed strange issues with windows scaling > 100% (also benefits to Steam's deck game mode)
-Fixed some English minigames texts
-Fixed FMV opening music if Como Memory is used
-Fixed a bad rendering of ealin_2 field (black box and doors bug)
-Optimised some Honey Bee Inn bragrounds
-Optimised lots of German textures and alignements (plus some generic textures)
-Optimised launcher UI
-Optimised world map placement depending choosen aspect ratio
-Added patch to skip introduction FMV
-Added selector for windows tranparency
-Added Italian translation (by using a gameplay mod)
-Added Portuguese translation (by using a gameplay mod)
-Added German UI and installer.
-Added new worldmap map (Cosmos Gaia v1.01)
-Added extented to 16:9 for all fields (Cosmos Limit Break v1.24 - some minor bug will be solved in futures updates)
-Added several patch (gameplay and driver)

Version 1.04:
-Added link to the pack's git source code in the about pannel.
-Added steam deck oled preset to correct bad colors.
-Updated FFNx
-Updated some german and spanish texture files.
-Updated oled SteamDeck's profile.
-Fixed the condor minigame background (revert back to 1.02 version).
-Fixed opening credit and worldmap didn't apply choosen game language.

Version 1.03:
-Not a beta anymore
-Updated FFNx
-Updated some german and minigames textures with jtd's help.
-Updated NT mod version 2.0.997.
-Added preset selection in launcher.
-Added a gameplay battle mod test for easy test of any battle form the game.
-Added L@zaro fix for nino fields model.
-Added m_endo and trap fields upscale for future use with shinra archeoloy mod.
-Done jenova_e fmv from an unsubed version to use more visible/quality subs.
-Fixed opening fmv sound with cosmo memory.
-Fixed a bug with some computers where the validation folder can't be detected.
-Done from scratch again the audio file for opening and ending fmv (from a proper psx capture).

Version 1.02:
-Fixed 30 fps battle, wasn't interpolated so too fast animations.
-Fixed Jessy show double eyes texture with Nino models.
-Added german and spanish languages for Aavock HD menu, now the localised text are all HD/Upscaled.

Version 1.01:
-Fixed a bug that made the snowboard trees invisible, but only at the Gold Saucer.
-Fixed a bug with certain textures that weren't loading for the game in German.
-Optimized textures for the mini-games Condor (English, German, and Spanish) and Chocobo (German and Spanish), know looks great.
-Added version number in title

added complete description and preview pictures

Amazing timing. Haven't used this mod in years, I went looking for V5.61 and it eventually directed me here.

PS. the files for the V5.61 patch don't work on this forum, where I was looking:

Are there any specific instructions to get it working on the Deck? I get an error as soon as I try to launch (missing dotnet 4.70, or something). I tried installing that version of dotnet and Proton Experimental as well. 5.6 used to work perfectly.

Anyway, thanks!

I haven't updated the post for month ^^'
For the deck, test have been done and working (not by me), il let you know a soon as i'll have a step by step guide

Working of minigame textures improvement for all langs (ATM too low quality in the beta), probably will be ready this weekend (please use firefox if the preview's not working on chrome):


--- Quote from: satsuki on 2023-11-02 14:12:47 ---@coflash
I haven't updated the post for month ^^'
For the deck, test have been done and working (not by me), il let you know a soon as i'll have a step by step guide
--- End quote ---

That'd be much appreciated, thank you. I also tried installing on PC first, then copying files over, but the same error. I will try a few more things today.

Edit: Trying it again today - many of the options under 'driver and patches' are empty when choosing things on the Deck. You click the drop down and there are no options. Graphics, audio and gameplay worked fine. No matter what, when I launch it, I can't get past 'Loading Application of: Generate FFNx configuration'. Left it there for 30 mins and it seems stuck.


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