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---The Reunion Patch---

The total battle models converted is 53!

This patch will change 47 field models in Char.lgp.

Aeris: earithf_sk, n_earith_sk
Barret: pballet_sk, sd_ballet_sk, yballet_sk
Cait Sith: sd_ketcy_sk
Cid: pcid_sk
Cloud:cloud_sk, chair_sk, clouds_sk, hei1_sk, hei2_sk, hei4_sk, n_cloud_sk, pcloud_sk, reifuku_sk, sd_hei_sk
Dyne: daing_st, dainy_st
Elena: sd_eriana_sk
Hoyo: sd_hojyo_sk
Palmer: sd_palmer_sk
RedXIII: c_red_sk, P_red_sk, sd_red_sk
Reno: sd_leno_sk, sd_leno_sk(notex), sd_leno_sk(red)
Rude: sd_rudo_sk
Rufas: sd_lufas_sk
Sephiroth: n_sefiros_s(bkhd.hrc), n_sefiros_s(erha.hrc), readc_sk, sefiro3_sk, swordc_sk
Tifa: n_tifa_sk, ptifa_sk, tifas_sk
Vincent: sd_vincent_sk
Yuffie: pyufi_sk, r_yufi_sk, sd_yufi_sk
Zack: lzacks_sk, szacks_sk, zacks_sk

Jenova: jenova_sk

This patch will also change 6 world map models in world_us.lgp.

Diamond Weapon - diaweap_sk
Emerald Weapon - e_weap_sk
Cid - sd_cid_sk
Cloud - sd_cloud_sk
Tifa - sd_tifa_sk
Tinybronco - tinybronco_sk

-edit- Notice: All field models in this patch will clip below the forground.

Some random screen shots...

Please read the instructions.txt for information on how to install.
The newbie's tutorial for The Reunion Patch

-edit- make sure you have the latest version of lgptools
Download The Reunion Patch

I think textures on your's model is too dark. But this is COOL.
Wow, looks great!

5 Things to say

1 it was a long post but it is a have to read 1.

2 I was reading and thinking.That it was a late april fools joke.

3 How can i do that

4 you got any plans to make a auto patch?

5 damn what work you have done

 :love:  :love:  GOOD JOB 8)  8)

Yeah, the vertex's are too dark.. they lok like they're being lit by a different light source.

If you could make a cetra patch or something though, then you'd be hailed as a god around here =P


--- Quote from: Reunion ---Sorry, but that probably made no sense to anyone and it really does not matter.
--- End quote ---

It does make sense, don't worry.
Great work ! Anyho I don't have anything against playing FF7 in old-way, so its nothing for me :).


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