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[FF7PC] NPC Reconstruction (Discontinued, use Unified Model Installer)

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Ok here we are the new NPC patch but 1st some pics

New pics

but it x mas got stuff too so here's the link  V0.6 thanks stormmedia for hostting thanks EmperorSteele for hostting too

have a look at his site you might find something you like

Mod Edit (SB): Added release tag.

Merry X-mas to everyone!
With this last additions we have 72 models done. Since the final patch should cover 224 models, we are around 32% done.

FAQ: How to build FF7PC Models (by Borde)

That's really cool work.. Awesome job on sprucing up the NPCs..

I'm glad you shared that. ^_^

are there any guides on the net for how to make models for the game, id really like to havbe a go at it
i was playign ehrgeiz the other dayand thort how cool it would be to pull the charactors otu fo that and ptut hem in ffvii.. but i can only deam lol

Sorry Kini, there are no guides available yet. I want to make one, but I'm too busy to do it now. But I promise you, befor the end of january I'll release a tutorial. Hope it will be of some use...


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