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I got bored and decided to have some fun with changing the avatars.

So, this ones pretty simple. I' just used the character illustrations.

Download Link,
Instructions to install are in the readme.txt

I'll post more in game screen-shots in a while.

I'll improve it if you guys have suggestions or comments about it. Thanks.

Mod Edit (SB): Added release tag.

Hey, this one's nice!  :-D

Hi, when i tried to replace tex files with bmp files using LGP-Tools, the program did nothing.
But i got it to work using the import featiure in Highwind's Tex-Viewer.

Hey thanks for these. Although I haven't tried them in game yet, I'm sure they will look great. I like the fact that they look closer to the originals than the Advent Children ones.

I think these are the nicest avatars yet, amazing what a bit of photoshopping can do. I'm guessing you got these from magazine scans, or from the FF7 promotional pictures.


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