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[FF7PC] High Quality 24-bit avatars (2009-09-13)(Missing Download)

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Kudistos Megistos:
Hold it! :-D

In the flashback, Cloud thinks he was in SOLDIER, n'est-ce pas?

So should he be dressed like a normal Shinra MP in his "Young Cloud" avatar? :mrgreen:

Actually, if you could find a picture of his face in Advent Children where it looks like he could be wearing a SOLDIER uniform, you'd have the ideal avatar (since he looks like he's 16 in AC, despite being 23 :roll:)

ok, thanks for the input. ill try and find a good advent pic

v2 Updated Flashback Cloud, Updated Cait Sith and added Chocobo
Version 2 -

I think the 1st one would be better...

im gonna leave the more stock looking avatars to timu sumisu cuz hes doing a hell of a job with his.


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