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[FF7PC] Cloud Wields/Holsters the Masamune in field and worldmap (2012-08-22)

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===DISCLAIMER  :-o  ====
This is a mod using textures from the NPC Reconstruction Project. I take no credit for making the actual models.
You must intall the NPC Reconstruction Project for this mod to work. Download  HERE --->

Ever since I played Final Fantasy VII oh so many years ago I have dreamed of using the Masamune. Thanks to a moder named SwornEnemy, this dream was finally realized with his Ultima Weapon to Masamune mod  located  HERE---> 

The Field and World Map models from the NPC Reconstruction Project always show Cloud with the Buster sword. This never sat well with me. So after some tinkering around I have modded the NPC RP field and worldmap models of Cloud to have the Masamune on his back AND Wield the Masamune instead of the Buster sword in scenes where he swings his sword around.



Full Instructions and are included in the RAR file. I hope you enjoy!

although i'm not one for this style of mod. I have to say it looks pretty nice.

Awesome job, and welcome to the forums.

This is very nice. Gonna try it when I get the time to.

Although the funniest thing in the world to see is Tifa with a Buster Sword....  :lol:

How about Barret with a M-phone?  :-P

Thanks everyone for the replies! I am very glad you are enjoying my mod.

HaHa Masa-Buster!
Tifa with the Buster sword sounds hilarious!
So here she is.

Sorry Harruzame, I don't know of any model for the M-Phone but I am working on teaching myself some 3D modeling with 3D Studio Max. Maybe I will make an M-Phone someday lol


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