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Well I've gotten a little burnt out moderating and making exceptions to rules being broken.  And what with school just right around the corner I really won't have much any time on here.
Since the membership approval has been lifted I think the best option is to go back to a zero tolerance standpoint on the rules.  I'll go back through them in the next couple of days and see what may need to be changed.  It's just a bit of a pain sometimes to see a rule broken..comment on it.. warn the person..comment on the warning..then deal with a PM from that person. 

TL;DR  Zero tolerance is back in effect.  This time with less explanation as to why.  Just so busy with real life.

After seeing a post where someone had solved a problem in a 2 month old thread but created a separate thread for it for fear of breaking the rules, it has become apparent that our rules need some changing/tweaking.   So once again, people of qhimm, what do you/don't you like and good reasons to change it please.


2. Posting in threads more than a month old is not allowed. The only exceptions to this are people that release programs have a new version to release, or if there is some new information directly related to the topic at hand. Reviving a thread just to post 'The link doesn't work anymore. Where can I find this?' is not acceptable. The only exception to this is the Completely Unrelated board.

Does this not cover that? It was obviously information directly related.

Yeah but it seems that even the people who have read them don't really notice that part.  Maybe it needs to be a little more condensed and made even clearer that necroposting is ok as long as the post has substance.

I know the rule sl1982 quotes suggests this, but I really feel the need to reiterate something.

I strongly feel a technical forum should be liberal about necroposting. It's annoying to see old model and texture mods bumped with a one-word "kewl!1!", but in technical documentation, keeping data together is vital. In my current company, one of our biggest flaws is writing anew when old but relevant data is available. Now that we're entering a major development phase, I'm having to scour 6+ years of scattered text files and folders just to try and produce a functional specification.

Necroposting lets us keep things in nicely organized threads, and because our research can take so long (example: camera data), threads stay 'active' for a long time. More importantly, we don't want our members to reinvent the wheel every time they write an extractor / editor / viewer or suchlike. As such, I think we shouldn't make members afraid of making genuine contributions any thread, even if it's almost a decade old.

Related is a complaint of mine about the forum software - I don't think the search engine is very strong. It's hard to find a specific piece of information. That's not something we can change, so let's not make the problem worse by creating lots of redundant threads.

One other thing. Links and downloads to key tools usually degrade. I'd like to see a hosting service for small applications and vital data, so our efforts are never compromised by link rot. I am willing to contribute to server costs, depending on the figures involved. I was thinking of buying server space and a domain for professional purposes, and I'd be more than happy to mirror tools and applications as well.


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