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So as per this topic there's some interest in reviving the FF7 Voices project, and I've coded up basic tools necessary for the project. But there's no point continuing unless there's sufficient interest for the project to actually get anywhere.

So are people interested? Probably most important other than, you know, people to actually voice characters, is somebody with the time, skills and interest to actually direct/manage the project ... I don't mind handling the technical programming aspects, but I have no audio experience.

I can voice generic NPC's. Sadly life will keep me from doing a main character role :/ But i have high interest, Just a bad time for the next few months for me

*Obligatory comment about doing a good Quinton Flynn impression and wanting to voice Reno*

The technical and audio side of things is surprisingly easy. Voice acting doesn't typically need a lot of post-production work. Voice direction, on the other hand, can be a real challenge; it requires both an understanding of voice acting and good people/management/organization skills. If it were just about coaching acting, I'd volunteer myself, but I can't be a main point of content for a project this big. I just don't have it in me.

Without opening my mouth up too big...

I'd be willing to assist anyone who wants to do the main casting/management. I'm already pretty deep in the FF8 VO project and I don't know if I'd have the time or the sanity to lead both projects at once.

My voice isn't very versatile, but I have a nice mic and I'm a pretty good actor (did a bunch of theater when I was in college, plus an independent movie). Maybe I'll audition for something small.



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