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Final Fantasy VII was released in 1997. Games on CD-ROMs can only store a relatively small amount of media by today's standards. Alas, in-game voiceovers at the end of the last millennium were rare, and for some games, impossible.

Ficedula has created a tool called Ultrasound that watches FF7 as it's running and responds to certain in-game events. In particular, it responds to dialogue boxes by playing a sound file from a folder on your computer. This tool is our road to a finished voiceover mod, all we need is the voices. That's where Aussieroth myself, and the wonderful VA community come in.

We have finished our initial cast list, and we are pretty happy with it. Everyone involved in the project is super excited about doing this, including us. We will be releasing the project in separate packs, with the first pack being the largest one - it will contain all of the game's mandatory dialogue (dialogue that you must view to get to the end of the game). Future packs will contain voice dialogue covering the game's optional areas and side quests.

We will be using a modified version of the "Beacause" re-translation from DLPB's Reunion project. Their translation is a more direct from-Japanese translation with intact meanings. No more "Here I am, Miss Yuffie."

Without further ado, here is the current cast list. We were primarily concerned with the major and recurring characters. Minor NPCs will be cast as needed.

Cloud Strife - Justin Cabanting
Tifa Lockhart - Haylizabeth
Barret Wallace - Jeff Strange
Aerith Gainsborough - Nicole Mac Arthur
Red XIII / Nanaki - Anath Jackson III
Yuffie Kisaragi - Heidi Tabing
Cait Sith - Lee Koivunen
Vincent Valentine - River Kanoff
Cid Highwind - True Blue

Zack Fair - Cody McCulloch
Biggs -
Wedge -
Jessie -
Elmyra / Cloud's Mother - Ashley Rochelau
President Shinra - Jon Bailey
Don Corneo - Mike Bower
Reno - Loose Cannon
Rude - DrakeKid
Elena - Adrienne Cox
Tseng - Ryusuke
Hojo - Mike Varker
Bugenhagen -
Reeve - Steven Kelly
Scarlet - Jen McGregor
Palmer - Russel Fetzer
Heidegger - Mike Bower
Rufus Shinra - Mike Quarrato
Sephiroth - David J.G. Doyle
Dyne -
Ester -
Sierra - Roxi Taylor
Lucrecia - Sheila M. Gagne

A few of these are blank because we are waiting for people we contacted to get back to us to see if they are interested in the project. We already have backup casts if any or all of those people decline, we just don't want to announce them at this time.

I will be updating this thread with teasers and demos as we release them.

Ultrasound tech demo + teaser

Cool cool. I'm mostly just interested in Reno, but I'm gonna go ahead and audition for every male character because why not. Gon' try and get as many done tonight as I can.

edit: I went ahead and auditioned for a bunch of main characters on BTVA. Intentionally omitted Red XII because I wasn't satisfied with my voice for him, and Cait Sith because I can't manage the accent (will be QUITE important with the retranslation).

I also recorded a reel for the other major characters from the lines you gave on VAA (too big a file for BTVA), omitting Zack because I couldn't come close to connecting with him. I emailed it to you since I don't have a VAA account and you don't seem to be accepting auditions here, but if anyone else is interested, they can be found here. (Reno, which I've talked up for years ever since last time there was gonna be a dub, starts at 1:29)

Can I submit auditions for multiple characters in one email or should they be separate?

im willing to help w/ some random npcs do you have some sample lines for us to do or should we just say whatever?

I could do some NPCs. I'm not a professional voice actor but I can do some things, so I could give it a try.


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