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FF8 mods aren't working

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Hey guys, I'm new to this whole modding thing and I just joined the site  :mrgreen:

I'm playing the steam version of ff8 and none of the mods I'm using are working. I am using project eden, seed reborn and rebirth flame with tonberry 1.5. The only thing that was working was seed reborn, i saw a post that told me that hashmap1 wasn't needed with eden so i deleted it. Then seed reborn stopped working :/

I don't think i've copied over all the eden files and I have no clue how to post screenshots from my own computer, i know there's an image button but there's no way to upload an image from my computer :(

I'll have to describe it as best as I can, inside my tonberry folder there is

Help would be appreciated, thank you  :-P

You'll probably need to update to v2.04 and follow the steps on the front page.


Okay so i've upgraded to the latest version, i replaced the old tonberry with the new one  and have replaced all the old project eden files with the same project eden files  just to be safe.

Do I HAVE to use the persistent texture thingy? Also, I have a new folder in tonberry called hashmap and also objmap. Inside both folders there is one folder called disabled with nothing in it. All my hashmaps are just in tonberry, do I place my hashmaps in the disabled folder inside hashmap?

Okay so i placed hash1map inside the disabled folder inside the hashmap folder. I placed hash1map and the rebirth flame_hm.csv inside the hashmap folder but outside the disabled folder. I also placed the objfile.csv inside the objmap folder but outside the disabled folder.

UPDATE: I placed hash1map in the hashmap folder instead of in the disabled folder. In the hashmap folder now there is:

There is nothing in the disabled folder for hashmap. In objmap i put objfile.csv but i put nothing in the disabled folder. When I load the game up the title menu looks re-done, but nothing else has changed. When I click escape to exit the game, it should say"Do you want to exit the game?" with yes and no in 2 separate boxes, but there are no letters or words which indicates something has gone wrong

Alright, so I realised I didn't read a bit in the link you posted so i went back and followed the instructions again and placed the files in the correct places. The words aren't missing anymore, but im back to square 1, the title menu looks fancy and so does the text but all the backgrounds and models look exactly the same.

UPDATE:I forgot to download the hashmaps for eden and seed reborn that mcindus posted in the thread, I did that and put them in correct folders but nothing happened. The menu still looks fancy tho. I tried deleting hash1map and everything still remained the same. I replaced the old hash2map and collisions with the ones mcindus posted in the thread, but everything has still stayed the same.

Okay. I'll try and help the best I can.

When upgrading, did you replace all the old Tonberry files with the new ones?

You don't have to use persistent textures. Sometimes things like the new text will rarely revert back to the old and it's for stopping that from happening.

Hash1map is no longer used if you've downloaded "ProjectEden_hm". The only files you'll still need is collisions and hash2map which will stay inside the Tonberry folder. The others ending in "_hm"(hashmap) and "_obj"(objmap) will go into their respective folders. The disabled folder inside them is exactly what it says... To disable them. So just leave them outside of that.

And are you placing the folders(mine will be "ch") inside the textures folder? With SeeD Reborn working, I assume you're doing that correctly.

Okay good news and bad news :/

I deleted hash1map and now the texture models have been replaced with better ones. I think eden is working but tbh i really can't tell the difference as of now. But the nice overlay is gone so the title screen and text boxes look like they did before seed reborn.


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