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Looking for Beta-Teaters for VA mod Echo-S

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Hey everyone. So funnily enough the one role I thought we'd never have too little of is lacking considerably.

So we are looking for as many Beta-Testers as we can.

If you wanna see our project check it out here:

Are you looking for legitimate testing or just people to play through it normally? I could give it a casual run, but I'm not nearly knowledgeable enough for hardcore testing.

That said, it's very impressive. I hope I don't offend anyone when I say that Barret sounds very....wrong. The other voices are great though. Barret just sounds forced to me.

Haha everyone has different tastes. Basically I'm looking for people that will just play through it and try catch any spelling, grammar etc. And to make sure the voice hat plays is the same voice on screen

id be willing to test it out,i cast alot so i could also give you free advertisement at the same time and give you feedback and suggestions

That would be fantastic! I would appreciate that.
Do you happen to use Discord?


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