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[Steam] Modding Secret of Mana Remake (.phyre engine files)

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Hello out there!  I know that FFX/X-2 have similar file types to SoM, but the Steam SoM seems to actually use the PS4/3/Vita .phyre engine files.  They released the game with Vita limitations, and it would be nice to be able to add some customization to the world/npcs/characters.

I'm looking at the textures currently (using TextureFinder 2); but am unsure if I can re-pack new textures into the game using it.  It would also be lovely if we could unpack/repack the .dae.phyre Collada files.

I'm posting this here because Secret of Mana is part of the Final Fantasy 'multiverse' and was created as Final Fantasy's 'action/rpg' with more focus on live combat and turn-based spellcasting - and was to be the first release on the Nintendo CD - which never materialized.  It also seems to share similar file types with other FF titles.

If only they would remake Seiken Densetsu 3.  Best snes/famicom rpg ever made.

You find any way to get the game data from the steam version of SoM? I Really need some Textures to! :D


--- Quote from: BamiGorengo on 2018-03-14 03:24:02 ---You find any way to get the game data from the steam version of SoM? I Really need some Textures to! :D

--- End quote ---

I can grab the models and textures, but don't know how to re-insert them!

Hopefully you find a way! Changing them to a more realistic looking level would be awesome. Though, what I would really like to see, would be a mod which changes the look of the characters depending on the equipment they wear.

Now, where I think about it, it's a shame that SE didn't use that engine to make a 'Secret of' game maker. And using this remake and the GB remake as demonstration of what can be done. This would absolutely satisfy the prize of $40. They could have made even money with the games some people would have created. Then the engine failure would have become the best engine ever.

Is there Amy was to geht in Touch with you? Im Doing a Database for the HD Remake in 5 languages. Would bei cool when I geht some Textures to make the Interface more beautiful.

And i try now for the first time to extract with TextureFinder2 a Texture Pack: steamapps/common/Secret of Mana/Media/D3D11/UI/common.phyre

I tryed with alot params, the best results i got with:

Pixel Formats: 8888 = 24+8
Width: 4096
Shift: 0

But the Colors look wrong... And i cant find any tutorial about this tool. anyone have any idea about the correct params?


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