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Tsunamods Echo-S7 Full Voice Over Mod

After years of planning, restarting, re-casting, recoding, new translations, and whatever else could possibly get in our way.
Finally, we made the team we truly needed to accomplish this mammoth of a task.

Around a year ago we did our final restart for project Echo-S.
We got a real director, very professional actors, and a team of people to help make it it a reality.

Echo-S contains the following features:

* FULL VOICE ACTING, Npc's included
* Automatic Text
* Day/Night System
* Calendar System
* Random Weather System
* Day/Night Movies
* New Soundtrack
* The Reunion Translation by DLPB
Echo-S brings an entirely new feeling to FF7. What used to take 3 hours to complete now takes about 5 because you're busy enjoying every voice line,
Talking to every NPC, and just having fun., It's like playing a new game. But also not at all. It's amazing.

As of today, our first playable demo is officially released!
This demo will take you all the way through the entirety of Midgar, minimum!
There's a few secrets to find that'll treat you to a little extra content, so keep an eye out!

You can find the download on our official Tsunamods website located right here:
On this page you will also find a new version of 7th heaven that comes with a full auto installer, self contained version of FFNx and it' super easy to use.
Highly recommended!

On that page you will also find a "Short" tutorial on how to use Echo-S
(I say "short" because it's 17 mins but most of that is "if this happens, do this, if that happens, do that")

I really hope you all enjoy this experience!
And here's to more demo's coming in the future and the day we finally complete it!

Wow, wonderful news, Tsunamix!

All my thanks to everyone involved for making this a reality.

Great Job Tsunamix and team!


Looking for some help please. I can't seem to get the voices to work. I've download the iro file (as I already have 7th heaven), installed and up dated the load order. Starts ok, I get the options; but no voices. So I disabled the other mods enabled and still no voices. Am I missing something here?

Also on a side note is Echo-S compatible with any other mods?


Update your version of 7th Heaven to the official one on the website.
It's been made specifically to contain everything Echo-S needs. Plus it's now the latest version.

Echo-S can be used with any mod as long as they dont alter FMV's or gameplay


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