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FF7 Remake: Impressive or Disappointing?


Having recently completed the FF7 Remake, my sentiments are divided. While the fidelity of Nobuo Uematsu's iconic music and the stunning graphics captivated me, the combat mechanics left me wanting. Despite the visual splendor, the linear exploration felt like traversing endless hallways, devoid of meaningful engagement. Additionally, the introduction of new characters felt disconnected, leaving me with a sense of indifference towards the narrative. Amidst critical acclaim, my contrasting perspective leaves me questioning the divergence from my expectations. Does anyone else share these sentiments?

Yes it was a huge let down.

Unnecesary character additions/plot deviations, voice acting was cringeworthy and pacing was terrible.The world felt smaller and less real/involving
A remaster would have sufficed, but this is a new game entirely and in my opinion has nothing on the original.


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