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Not yet. And no because some of the ambient sounds come from the original engine, so you'd have some high-quality-real-life-recording ambience and some original-midi-made-of-static ambience. So unfortunately, you have to go with high-quality-real-life recordings for everything :)

No problem, makes sense and thanks for getting back to me. Keep us posted!

I'd really like that beta link back though... or better yet a newer pre-release! I know that may be hard to prioritise though

With regards to the intro, perhaps it would be less overbearing if it was silent?

I've always preferred the way the PSX game opened, the silent logos fading in and out were way more tasteful and dramatic than the stupid Eidos and Chocobo FMVs.

Any chance this is nearing release, or can we have the beta link back? Currently replaying and wouldn't mind trying this out before I'm done :)

What sort of configuration options were you considering? I'd really like if you could toggle on the new sounds (ambience and footsteps etc.) independently of the replacement sounds for when I'm in a more vanilla kind of mood.

Hi there, just looking through the Reunion database and notice that the Orthopedic Underwear section is up for debate.

Since "The writers were trying to convey that the underwear Cloud finds is more adult than you would expect for Tifa at that age", I do have some suggestions:

  • If the idea is that the underwear is for older people in an extremely unsexy way, in Britain at least we call these "granny pants/panties". It means large, visually unappealing but presumably practical underwear. The term is slightly rude - you wouldn't want to be accused of wearing them. I think they'd be sold in shops as "maxi briefs".
  • Slightly down the scale (something a middle-aged-woman might wear?) is "high-waisted knickers/briefs". I'm sure you can get nice varieties... but they're still high-waisted. Not many young women would wear them
  • Probably least humiliating might be "french knickers" (apparently Americans call these "tap pants"). They come in various designs, some more appealing than others, but they're out of fashion and sort of boxer-short sized.

It really depends on whether you want to convey that the underwear is embarrassing for Tifa because of the style of underwear, and to what extreme. Anyway, I thought I'd offer some suggestions.

...What a weird first post this was.

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