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Hi, I'm having some trouble getting this to work with texture mods in FF8. I checked the github and through the forums but couldn't find an answer.

It seems this is compatible with texture mods yes? I have my mod paths installed correctly in the textures and Tonberry folders and I think Tonberry is installed correctly but none of the texture mods are working!

FFNx is working for sure, I've got the version number and render mode displaying. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi there, I've had a look at what I can edit in the doomtrain and deling editors and I don't think this is in there, so it looks like I might have to do it another way.

My mod is a simple idea to balance gameplay without messing around with the base game too much - simply by tying the level of Junctioned magic to character level instead of amount of magic stocked. It's not a perfect rebalance by any means, but it solves the problem of discouraging magic use and will generally stop people becoming over powered early in the game.

If I can do this I might even make a rebalancing mod centered around this idea but for now I just want to try playing the game like this to see how it works. I haven't seen any way to do this through looking at the editors and I'm a novice at modding/coding but eager to learn, so if anyone has an idea how to do it I would greatly appreciate the feedback!


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