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Project Echo-S will one day be a fully completed voice acting mod, every Main character, Minor character and NPC will be given a voice. You'll be able to experience the game in a whole new way.

This is a huge community project and everyone can be involved. The sheer amount of voice actors needed for this project is beyond crazy. But we aren't going to be putting in just any lines, we wanna make sure they're all reasonable.
If we are going to this effort to make a mod of this calibre, we're going to do it the best we can, first time.
We aren't pulling a Skyrim here, each NPC will be a new voice.

There will be no super bad acting, no awful quality lines.
We will do our best to train each NPC's actor to a standard that is bearable.
As well as editing each audio clip to make it sound the best we can.

This mod will also contain a few of it's own features (Some of which will come via later updates) :

- Totally uncensored
- New modernised translation of the game from "The Reunion" mod
- Togglable Subtitles to replace the text boxes
- Togglable Automatic scrolling of text (No more pressing "OK" to skip text)
- Voiced choice dialog

Playable demo's will also be released as time goes so you can get a feel for how it will be to experience this in-game.
I am unsure of how many, or at what points in the game these will be released. But there will be a few.

This mod contains the amazing voice talents of the following people:

Main Cast

Spoiler: showCloud  Strife
 - Christian Sekhanan

Barret Wallace
 - Christian Sekhanan

Tifa Lockheart
 - April-Ann Tass   

Aerith Gainsborough
 - Kristen Archer

Red XIII / Nanaki
 - Tuong Klein

Yuffie Kisaragi
 - Iris龍

Cait Sith
 - Christian Serrano

Vincent Valentine
 - Stefan Andrew

Cid Highwind
 - Jordan Harrelson

 - James Garris

Minor Cast
Spoiler: show
 - Professor Who

 - Johnathon Peake

 - Llewellyn Emerson

 - Tiffany M Tolentino

Zack Fair
 - Phillipe Legenda

 - Phillipe Legenda

 - Phillipe Legenda

 - Haru Katsumi

 - Jesseii

Choco Bill
 - Joshua Outland

Don Corneo
 - Penguinator

 - Stefan Johnson

 - wolfjacx

 - Alison Doody

 - Alison Doody

 - Mary Gibbons

Child Cloud
 - Corinne Sudberg

Child Tifa
 - April-Ann Tass

As time passes we will also be putting up videos of our voice actors too, so you can get an idea of how they sound before you try this mod out. We currently have a handful of them up already but due to them being old now we are updating them as we can.
So far we have updated 3, so please enjoy listening below.

Character Demo's

Spoiler: showCloud Strife

Aerith Gainsborough

Cid Highwind

As progress is made I will update this post to show the changes as they happen.

Current Progress:

Fields: ? / ?
Lines: ? / ?

The trailer is out guys, please head the original post and show your support for us


Thanks for sharing the video!

I personally cannot think of ever playing the original game again without the revised text made by Reunion's "Beacause" by DPLB ( so my suggestion is to make it fully compatible with it. I know this is tough because it means that either Reunon's users or vanilla game users will be cut out but I just thought I'd make you guys aware.

Best of luck!

I actually do have this included. It comes with the complete re-translation. Completely compatible with all mods as long as they don't alter the flevel.

The script i use is from the Reunion so need to activate it. Just the MO

Also has options for text turned into subtitles,
and text that moves from one to another automatically.

All this will be shown in the new video releasing on Monday

R05b is pretty decent and any changes from now won't be too significant dialogue wise.  But they will be grammar wise - and box placement wise.  R06 is the finalized version.  Maybe best off waiting until then, or at the least using R05b.


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