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Going off the rules page i think this question belongs here, let me know if im wrong.

ff8 2013 PC steam version.

ive searched around and havent seen anything regarding this so im hoping i can get some help with this, if its even possible.

This version of the game has built in cheats activated with f-keys such as the assist function, which grants always full hp, always full atb, always limit break. essentially what im looking for is to change this cheat function but still have it activate via the f2 button. im trying to isolate this assistance cheat to ONLY grant always limit.

ideally this would be to split the three functions to three different keys, or to move the other two functions (hp and atb) to combine with the 9999 damage cheat making the f3 key grant full atb, full health, and 9999 damage. honestly most of that is not necessary and i would easily settle for being able to delete the "always full hp, always full atb" functions entirely leaving only "always limit"

so to recap the goal is to take the current cheat function of f2 and remove everything EXCEPT limit breaks, while still having it activate and deactivate via f2.

im kind of lost on this as its the first time im looking into things like this outside of mods, and the few bumbling attempts ive made to experiment to achieve this have obviously been unsuccessful.

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