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Releases / Re: [FF8PC-Steam] HD FMV Replacement
« on: 2018-07-25 22:52:47 »
It's possible to change video framerate by editing the .cam files but character animations still need to be fixed. I don't have too much info on .cam files but if anyone needs it leave a message.

Releases / Re: [FF8PC-Steam] HD FMV Replacement
« on: 2018-04-29 15:03:13 »
New link added.

Releases / Re: [FF8PC-Steam] HD FMV Replacement
« on: 2017-10-08 08:55:52 »
It's ok, I'm also interested in that topic.

Releases / Re: [FF8PC-Steam] HD FMV Replacement
« on: 2017-10-07 13:41:59 »
Yes, it's complete.

Thank you for providing the source code for the program.

What I was trying to explain is that the last picture doesn't have that specific problem and you wouldn't need to waste much time finding out what you'd have to change in your workflow.
In the following picture, I applied heavy denoising while trying to keep most of the detail:

It's not a perfect example and it has different states than yours. I just want to point out that, even with this denoising strength, it doesn't get that kind of problem and neither does your last picture, even if I clean it up. These are the places with more noticeable color loss in "Main Street":

I've had similar problems in the past because of incorrect colorspace conversion, bit depth and compression so I thought I should tell you about this while you're still working on the backgrounds, in case you're not aware of it. In my pov, there's no trade-off regarding this problem, there's only doing it right or wrong. If you think it's fine the way it is and people like it, that's all that matters.

Although the visual impact might seem subtle on Guardhouse's first picture, it can get much worse on other backgrounds with more color intensity and micro details if that problem persists. "Main Street" is a better example where more prominent colors are too washed out or fading out, and important details are lost because of that.

I agree it's important to apply chroma denoising on FF9 (PSX) backgrounds and it's normal for color properties to change with resizing and filtering, especially on sources like this. But I believe that washed/fading out color problem in fine details can be avoided, giving your backgrounds better visual quality and fidelity. Your last picture doesn't have that problem so I think it'll be easier for you to identify what's causing it.

I noticed color loss(washed out colors) in the two screenshots you provided when compared to the originals. The problem is visible in both waifu and yours. Does this happen with all of the backgrounds you're working with?

Yes, I loaded the backgrounds(1280x896) with Tonberry and this problem happens to all of them, although bggate_5 banding is more noticeable. I also noticed the same problem on Eden's backgrounds. The problem really appears when Pupu converts the subtextures, I don't know if that conversion/gamma handling is necessary for compatibility. Here are the subtextures, before and after Pupu conversion:!KhxmzB7a!-lCEjmth5cVDR_bPqKPymZEqv6ZMWZOrfT5krqwEzTc

Is there any way for me to replace directly my backgrounds(non-resized) with the original ones(on field.fs)  so I can check if banding still happens?

I noticed some problems on my textures, especially banding, when I import them with Pupu:


texture(resized) :

The subtextures are ok but after Pupu converts them, I see the banding on tiles. If anyone has a solution for this please tell me. Thanks

Releases / Re: [FF8PC-Steam] HD FMV Replacement
« on: 2016-11-11 00:04:05 »
Updated first post with download link for the complete video pack. There are still things I need to fix and most of the videos were not tested ingame.

Releases / Re: [FF8PC-Steam] HD FMV Replacement
« on: 2016-07-19 19:58:18 »
The videos I posted were muxed with the audio from Kayael's release, it saved me a lot of time and work. The two videos converted to 30fps were tested by replacing the intro video(disc00_30h) just to confirm if videos would run at that framerate. But because of what Maki said, I decided to test a 30fps video with gameplay elements like the comm tower video and this happened:

The video also finishes earlier than it should be. If someone has any ideas on how to fix this please tell me. Thanks

Releases / Re: [FF8PC-Steam] HD FMV Replacement
« on: 2016-07-18 21:46:10 »
Thank you for telling me about that error. I already checked and it's the codec I was using, with VP8 it works fine.

The two videos converted to 30fps are playing well ingame, it doesn't lock at 15fps. Framerate conversion is not my priority right now but I will definitely do it on more videos, especially the ones with a lot of judder.

Releases / Re: [FF8PC-Steam] HD FMV Replacement
« on: 2016-07-16 03:18:55 »
29 videos edited:!mlgX0aZQ!Og6FK7EIZmoH0XFbiploIjqkvvoFQDhQm2czu3vd0Ow

I intend to edit the rest of the videos before fixing framerate issues and restoring important microdetails in these videos. If you think I'm doing something wrong or have any tips to improve quality please tell me.

Releases / Re: [FF8PC-Steam] HD FMV Replacement
« on: 2016-07-12 12:03:55 »
I used Interframe plugin for Avisynth in the last video. In some cases, it's best to use SVPflow, as long as you read well the documentation and know what you're doing.

Releases / Re: [FF8PC-Steam] HD FMV Replacement
« on: 2016-07-11 15:59:09 »
It is possible to convert these videos to 30fps and it solves many of the problems caused by lousy compression and framerate change on the original videos. Unfortunately that conversion causes in some videos heavy ghosting and artifacts which seem unavoidable no matter which programs, plugins or settings I use. There are some videos in which that conversion is done with less visible artifacts and gives a better visual experience like this one:

Steam Version

I wrote HD not because I want higher resolution videos, steam and other people already done that, it's because I want higher definition videos. All the upscaled projects, including steam, have a lot of detail loss, it's possible to do a better upscaling, clean most of the mess of the original videos and keep most of the detail, it just needs a lot of work and time. More feedback would also be great.

Releases / Re: [FF8PC-Steam] HD FMV Replacement
« on: 2016-04-28 22:03:30 »
Zell and Selphie comparison videos:!AUNVSSKL!5DCJMJdIWB7IrUb2Ykxrs30ulGZjFn0hh4YZnM4Wyng!sBlV0ICa!23lfoDCwq-16k0TUh_rTZxHBCbQtPAivTGNce84ACCU

First source has only colorspace conversion. Second source has luma/chroma changes.

Releases / Re: [FF8PC-Steam] HD FMV Replacement
« on: 2016-04-27 21:46:36 »
Added "Escape from Dollet" video, I'll try to add one or two more for comparison.

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