Author Topic: Flash MX still whats used to convert videos?  (Read 2948 times)


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Flash MX still whats used to convert videos?
« on: 2022-06-07 19:01:18 »
I still have my flash mx disc still kicking it in my cd binder. I’m sorting that binder out and getting rid of stuff that is out of date/better options. But I remembered back when it was discovered that through some codec on flash mx and frame counting we could change out the ff7 pc movies. Is that still whats happening or is there a better way now? Otherwise I probably should toss it since the internet hates flash now lol

Edit: Somewhat found my answer:
- Flash MX is not required. It was the preferred software Grimmy used for his remastered replacement FMV's from 2009. Apparently I'm stuck in the past thinking that and Remako were the pretty new shine on FF7. Been seeing Satsuki's work pop up but I was completely wrong about what it was. I thought it was a driver like Aeli's. So I've been looking at their posts to try and find the process they use which goes above my head in the post production stuff. So I'm not quite sure how to edit videos past what I did around that time which was using Flash MX. I think that I can use Blender and or Di Vinci if I want to make any video edits as long as I pay attention to Frame Rate/ total frames? Not sure. Going to research some more but burned out at the moment.
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