Author Topic: How do I toggle off fighting music and keep the actual theme playing?  (Read 959 times)


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Greetings dear FFVII lovers,

I'm a huge fan since the release in 1998 (PC) and am actually playing around with all those wonderful mods that are out there.

Of course I'm using the latest stable versions of 7th Heaven and FFNx.

My question now is: what possibilities do I have for letting the actual field/area music keep playing when entering a fight?
I know that New Threat 2.0 has such a toggle on the save points, thing is: I'm not using New Threat, I'm actually playing through the game with Echo-S (which unfortunately is completely incompatible, even when I only want to use that feature).

Is there any other mod that lets me keep the field music when entering (at least random) battles?

Here's a mod list that I'm currently using, descending in actual load order from top to bottom, hope this helps:

[Tsunamods] Cosmo Memory
[Tsunamods] Phoenix Tail Avatars
[Tsunamods] Enhanced Stock UI
Gameplay Tweaks - Qhimm Catalog
Postscriptthree's Tweaks
[Tsunamods] Echo-S
60/30 FPS Gameplay
[Tsunamods] SYW V6 FMV (60fps)
Symphonic Remasters: Redux
Project Edge/Team Avalance Remodeled Fields
[Tsunamods] SYW V5 Field Textures
[Tsunamods] Avalance Arisen Battle Textures
AxlRose Battle Scenes (Color Overhaul) v11
[Tsunamods] SYW V5 Battle Textures
AxlRose's Blender V1
[Tsunamods] SYW V5 Worldmap Textures
[Tsunamods] SYW V5 Spell Textures
[Tsunamods] SYW V5 Minigame Textures
Ninostyle Chibi
Ninostyle Battle

Would be great if you guys and gals could help me out :)

Thanks so much in advance.
Keep on fighting for the planet!


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How can I begin a battle when the real field/area music is still playing? Instead of New Threat, I'm utilizing Echo-S to complete the game.


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That was specifically a feature of New Threat. You wont get it anywhere else


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I can’t imagine it would be too hard to create such a mod, but as I’ve not created one I wouldn’t know how complicated it would be. I do know that the field scripts (and possibly the world map scripts) have codes that can override the normal battle music. When a battle starts the battle module checks for this flag and stops the current music and starts the battle music. A mod could be created to toggle that flag off or on based on a menu setting and the code that sets/insets that flag could be nop’ed.


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It wouldn't be hard to make such a mod, but the problem comes with compatibility. Since you'd have to edit the flevel scripts, it would become incompatible with echo-s, controller addon, anything that touches the flevel, if you made it compatible with echo-s, then it wouldn't be compatible with the vanilla game, etc. Etc.... You'd basically have to make a version to work with every other mod that touches flevel... I'm not sure if those flags are in the same chunk as the actual game script though.
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