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SpeedHack not working?

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Is the SpeedHack out of date or something?

When I turn on the mod, the game will start but it I get a log error saying the game didn't actually start. The mod doesn't appear to work when this happens though I'm pretty sure I'm following the instructions correctly renaming my .exe to from ff7_en to ff7.

My volume also gets insanely loud when I activate the mod too. Nearly went deaf while listening through my headphones at the game intro and my volume was at 2/100.  :-o

This is a thread for 7th Heaven. Are you using it to mod/play the game? If so, I'm not sure where you got instructions that say to rename your exe because you don't do that, everything that needs done is automatic. Volume settings are set in Settings>Game Launcher>Volume sliders.

I am using it to mod/play the game. The instructions to rename it are on the text info that appears on the left side of the mod info when you click it. I tried both ways however, both before renaming it and after and couldn’t get it to work properly.

It doesn't say that at all. It says your exe must be named ff7.exe not REnamed. And if you haven't messed with anything, your ff7 exe name would already be ff7.exe.

I'm not sure what file it is you're trying to rename or why. In Settings>General Settings your ff7 exe must point to your ff7 game install folder\ff7.exe which is provided to you by/with 7H. If you're trying to rename a Steam exe or something (like ff7_en.exe), don't do that.

You are correct. It doesn't say to rename anything, just what it must be named. Looking at the .exe file, it is ff7.exe and still does not work.

I'm on a laptop though and must push the function key to activate the function keys on my laptop. Perhaps that is the issue?


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