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Re: Anime Suggestions for Everyone :)
« Reply #50 on: 2017-06-17 05:10:04 »
And why drop several arcs?? I'm guessing it's due to budget and they can only do so much with it. Still... Smh...

I have no idea why they dropped the Guardians of Desire Arc (just WTF?), but they always drop the beginning of the Conviction Arc from EVERYTHING... likely because Apostle Rosine is both constantly naked, and 12.  Of course it's not sexual (unless you're into horrible violence or something), but I don't think anyone wants to risk it... There's not enough that happens in that Arc to make it worth trying.

Even the comic has changed tone drastically. I wish I could go back in time and convince Miura not do as much comic relief (or in the case of Bersek: "comic relief" as it's most of the time not funny, but awkward). I have no problem with normal Puck and Isidro. But chestnut Puck and "comic relief" Isidro can go die.

I kind of like the switchover to High Fantasy, and I really like Isma (then again, I generally like mermaids period).  But I agree that Miura is starting to run the comic relief of Puck, Isidro and Farnese's brother into the ground.  Badly.  And I'm also starting to get somewhat sick of cutting over to seeing the "wonderful utopia" of Griffith's city; come one, we all KNOW the guy's a bastard underneath it all by now, attempting to contrast it like this is starting to get really old.

As for entertaining anime, besides the aforementioned Berserk, I really enjoyed CLANNAD (though if you don't like slice-of-life animes or feeling REALLY sad, avoid); Ah My Goddess is always a good one, Higurashi was something else entirely (though don't go in if you hate horror, because it IS horror in the most visceral sense), and one great anime that everyone should really watch is, of course, Fate: Stay Night.