Author Topic: Solving the Battle Arena Bug:BP When Escaping.  (Read 1503 times)


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Solving the Battle Arena Bug:BP When Escaping.
« on: 2017-12-20 02:27:48 »
I spent a while looking at how the flags work, and, tbh, it's a mess in there. Way too many things going on to provide a full picture. So, this fix may break other things.  I need people to test it.  Sega Chief would be a good bet :)

{this allows for the 0A to take effect below. 
0041C6D5 = 66 25 DF FF

{this ensures that 0x02 will be seen later on - and thus set the correct value to the field opcode battle result.
005DCB3E = 0C 0A

If this fails, I'll simply have to add in a completely new piece of code to account for the exact value that is seen when you escape using item/magic from battle arena.

The above might actually pose an issue at some point, since 0041C6D5 is used numerous times during battle to reset some (nearly all) flags I have no idea about.  So now that 0x02 isn't being reset... who knows what will happen.

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