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I've been enjoying your works and completed the games on god knows how many times.
your work of art is the closest thing we have on FF IX remaster, and thank you very much for restoring my childhood
but what if i tell you there are archives of from the former FF IX development team spread on the internet.
please check
it's not complete but combined with your works it should be complements each other

that could be, but the picture is taken from the original dev team, there are people who still have them.
why can't they contacted their ex employee, give them some buck to dig their old hard drive for some artwork

maybe this is because Hironobu Sakaguchi philosophy, that he hated ports, so the original development team wouldn't even thin of archiving them.

what's going through their heads to just delete years of hard work and thousands of man hour

surfing through the web I found the original artwork when FF9 was developed.

this is much better resolution (upto 2048x1080) and better color pallette (32bit color)
I don't know why square decide to use upscaled and filtered PS1 texture (320x240) and 24bit color pallette

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