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FF9 Graphical Releases / FF9(Steam) Movie Modding
« on: 2016-04-16 15:28:07 »
Hi guys, I've extracted all the movies from the .bytes containers in the StreamingData folder, ready to get work done.
Number one request on the steam forums is for the first MBG, the part where Vivi trips over in Alexandria while the children run around and the camera pans in.

The most evident problem with this MBG is that the characters running around are so pixellated it looks awful against the realtime 3d model of vivi and makes it very contrasting and just plain ugly. What would be the method of depixellating (or smoothing) these prerendered characters without affecting the rest of the image?

I've uploaded the Theora ogg for work to be done on it for your pleasure. If one of you guys can improve this video I can easily put it straight back into game. And watch the framerate, it's got to stay on 15fps to stop the game from messing up. Cheers, J.!24430&authkey=!AI5ffE-XsVo99lw&ithint=file%2cogg

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