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Frank jumping right into the hole:

In map 53, script function blank_pluto_knight_loop:
Function Blank_Pluto_Knight_Loop:

    switch 6 ( VAR_GlobUInt8_24 ) from 7 {
    case +0:
        Wait( 40 )
        SetObjectFlags( 7 )
        SetWalkSpeed( 45 )
        InitWalk(  )
        Walk( 250, 1200 )

Replace 250 with 330

Fix for Alexandria main place people disappearing

For each actor with _loop:
remove when present:
        if ( GetEntryPosX(xxx) > xxxx ) {
            SetObjectFlags( 14 )

So I've installed this alongside AF but I still get black bars on the side causing it to cut off dialog boxes etc. I have tried typing Widescreen=True in the settings.ini to no avail. I can onlt run 4:3 on 1920x1080. Cannot get widescreen to work. Any ideas? I am using btw.
What resolution did you choose in the launcher?

Sorry, forgot to attach the image. Here it is:

Reinstalling the game and the mod will solve the issue (according to numerous reports)

I just watched a playthrough of a guy using the latest Moguri and Alternate fantasy.
I noticed some visual bugs, and also black bars on each side of the screen on a lot of scenes (but maybe it's just a bug from the guy's setup?).

here is a link to the pictures:

maybe some  are just little graphic bug that don't need a proper fix, but just in case I included them.
Hey hi, I just checked the pictures... this is not moguri 8.2, but rather 7.xx, so an old-ass version I hadn't got my hands on yet lol
I corrected everything in these screenshots and much more since then : )
Who's the streamer? they need to be aware that they're playing a very outdated stuff, and to not advertise it as ""!

Hi everyone, and thanks for giving us these wonderful upscaled backgrounds and patch fixes, snouz.

Sorry if this has already been answered. I wanted to ask if there's gonna be multilanguage versions of the backgrounds where the text has been translated (I don't remember if FFIX has any, FFVIII sure does), specifically the text that appears on the screen when you enter a new area (i.e. "Evil Forest" in italian is "Foresta del Male"). Or if it's at least possible to retain the vanilla text just for the area's names while everything else is upscaled.
Steam version has 6 languages for area names. They're all upscaled in Moguri 8.2.

Hi people!

I need some testers!

for the last few days, I've been working on p0data2, the archive that contains battle textures. I need some people to test it to see if they see some bugs in there. Here's the file:

You can first download latest moguri and put this file in /MoguriFiles/StreamingAssets instead of the existing p0data2

What I improved since 8.0 and why the file is smaller than previous versions: (/!\ the following is technical and only for documentation purpose)

First line is the old texture structure, second is the final. I relalized the textures take way too much space, they are repeated and only a fraction is used on each. So I redirected some material files. An example: in this image, I took the door part, which is the only part relevant in image5, and put it in image0. Then I changed the .mat file so that it looks for image0 instead of 5. Then I can transform image5 to a 1x1 image to save space.
Took me several days, but it's done.
Animation textures need to stay the same size, that can be jarring, but I can't do anything.
This process allows me to see easily what texture is actually used or not, and make them more seemless.
Importing from different folders in different formats allowed me to remove the black artifacts around transparency (textures with transparency -> tiff DXT5 after passing through a photoshop script that diffused the border color and transforms to tiff). So 300 textures are compressed with DXT5, which is 2x heavier than DXT1.
I transformed 40 skies to be half the size, but uncompressed by DXT1 (so I have a smaller resolution, but no compression. Size of the image is divided by 4 but no compression makes it 8 times heavier, so in the end, I hit a good compromise). I realized that some textures have a border of unused texture (4 or 8 pixels usually), so I did a script to account for that on these skies.
Now also made a screenshot of all the fight scenes in the game to check if I had some mistakes, and I improved some textures to be more seamless using some photoshop tools.

In summary, I:
-removed the black artifacts around transparencies
-optimized the size of the archive
-made it easier for future modders
-made some textures seamless (most skies...)
-improved some black gradients
-corrected some animated textures
-removed compression on some textures

Now I need your help to point out where things could be improved, or if there are bugs I didn't catch!

Still not working. I placed the files in the directory folder (Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY IX) and I deleted the file Mbg 116. Did I do something wrong?
Is your windows 32 or 64bit?
Do what's the output of memoria.log after the crash?

I've installed the new version and I'm curios about some of the cheat options that are turned on as default. Like "Speed Mode" and "No Random Battles" what exactly do they? Does "No Random Battles' mean that I wont have random encounters while traveling the world? Wouldnt that ruin the game since I wont really level up anymore? Or will I now see the enemies before the encounter starts?
I've written a guide for the launcher on the support page of the website.

Awesome update snouz! However I  don't seem to doing any damage when entering a fight. I started a completely new save and when fighting Baku in the beginning I'm not doing any damage, neither is he, so the fight never ends.

Any ideas?
That does not do that for me. Are you using Moguri alone?
That was a bug in a previous memoria version, so that's very odd, because the one in moguri 8.2 is up to date.

Beautiful, thanks!

Do you happen to have a list of issues you needed to address for 8.2 due to the different file structure?

Not really any problem anymore. Still don't know why SE created some duplicate p0data files (thought it would be a problem, it's not), and if you're referring to the structure change in the mod, it's just that we used the new memoria feature by Tirlititi that allows us to add files in folders in the root directory, and it gains some clarity in install, allows for launcher options, easier updates, space gain...

Moguri 8.2 is out! As well as a trailer!

Download from

here's the changelog


* Compatible with 2020-08-06 steam update
* Orchestral music correctly looped
* Endgame music debugged
* Crash at the end (airship video) fixed in most cases
* Videos sound re-synced
* Videos cutting too soon fixed
* Videos fixes
* A number of visual inconsistencies, glitches & unfinished upscales fixed
* Some installation problems for assets files (checksum error) fixed
* A set of bugfixes by Tirlititi (reflect sound...)


* Almost all backgrounds are displayed in full (about 170 added)
* No more micro-scrolling on 54 screens that are 8px larger than a 16/9 screen

* New launcher with all relevant options


* File structure change: everything is contained in folders inside the game directory
* Much better sound quality by default (44kHz)

I've passed all the updated files to ZePilot, he's packaging the update (8.2), we're discussing file structure. It shouldn't be too long now!

I just thought it was worth to showcase what was the result after that change, i'm going through them one by one. As for Lykon I just sent him a msg with a link here.

PS: i couldn't spot the difference in Dali Windmill and Iifa Tree/Roots 1, even though for the second i think i got what should happen: It's about the background below the elevator platform during the zoom in?
For the glasses, I had made the texture transparent, but noticed the model is used elsewhere, so it's better to remove the code. Same with Dali windmill, I have made the texture transparent in Moguri 8, but I don't know if the texture/model might be used elsewhere.
For the Iifa, here's the bug:

Model is in front of the field. Subtle...

Before/After Iifa Tree fix for reference (once again, amazing job)

Will edit post later with other comparisons once i test them ingame
It just removes the bad effects, but the smoke could still be reinforced with photoshop.
My project is also to remove the 3d objects of the shovels in the dali windmill (second floor), but capturing the images and adding them to the background to integrate them better.

Also, I removed the floating glass in Alex pub, but there are in fact 2 glasses, and I first managed to put them in the hands of each patron, but the glass is bottom up, and I cannot turn it up once it's attached to a hand, even using SetPitchAngle.
I could, however, angle some chests to integrate them better to backgrounds (Clayra Trunk...)

I need to put screens and formatting. Thanks for this one.

Btw Caledor, do you have any news from Lykon? He disappeared after release, and got no answer/connexion on steam from him. Is he ok?

Some more fixes:

Disable bad effects in Iifa trunk (there's an animation behind anyway)

Disable all "RunSPSCode(...)" in:
Iifa Tree/Inner Roots 1, 2 & 3
in Main Init & Main Reinit

Disable bugged smoke in Lindblum Plaza, before the forge

in Lindblum/Square
Remove these lines from Main_init and Main_reinit

    RunSPSCode( 2, 130, 1770, 0, 0 )
    RunSPSCode( 3, 130, 1772, 0, 0 )

    RunSPSCode( 2, 135, -3120, -1300, 2040 )
    RunSPSCode( 2, 140, 0, 0, 0 )
    RunSPSCode( 2, 145, 9000, 0, 0 )
    RunSPSCode( 2, 155, 150, 0, 0 )
    RunSPSCode( 2, 160, 16, 0, 0 )
    RunSPSCode( 2, 170, 0, 0, 0 )
    RunSPSCode( 2, 156, 1, 0, 0 )
    RunSPSCode( 3, 135, -3110, -1290, 2040 )
    RunSPSCode( 3, 140, 0, 0, 0 )
    RunSPSCode( 3, 145, 8000, 0, 0 )
    RunSPSCode( 3, 155, 150, 0, 0 )
    RunSPSCode( 3, 160, 16, 0, 0 )
    RunSPSCode( 3, 170, 0, 0, 0 )
    RunSPSCode( 3, 156, 2, 0, 0 )

Alexandria Pub floating glasses

In both glass_init remove everything except the first and last line.
In both glass_loop, remove everything except the first and 2 last lines

Clayra trumk chest angle

Clayra/Tree Trunk 6
in ChestA Init (the second one)
Before "return", add:
    SetPitchAngle( 10, 0 )

Small depth bug in Iifa roots

Iifa Tree/Roots 1
in Region13_Range
After SetFieldCamera( 1 ), add:
    SetTilePositionEx( 5, 0, 0, -50 )

Remove ugly shovels from dali windmill upstairs

Dali/Windmill 2F
remove from "mill_shovels_init":
    set VAR_GlobInt16_0 = 65267
    set VAR_GlobInt16_4 = 1318
    set VAR_GlobInt16_6 = 0
    set VAR_GlobInt16_2 = 258
    SetModel( 365, 93 )
    CreateObject( VAR_GlobInt16_0, VAR_GlobInt16_4 )
    TurnInstant( VAR_GlobInt16_6 )
    SetStandAnimation( 5959 )
    DisableShadow(  )
    SetPathing( 0 )
    MoveInstantXZY( VAR_GlobInt16_0, VAR_GlobInt16_2, VAR_GlobInt16_4 )
    set VAR_LocUInt8_1 = 6
remove from "mill_shovels_loop":
    if ( ( General_ScenarioCounter >= 6990 ) && ( General_ScenarioCounter < 11090 ) ) {
        MoveInstantXZY( -269, 338, 1318 )
        TurnInstant( 24 )
    } else {
        set VAR_LocUInt8_0 += VAR_LocUInt8_1
        TurnInstant( VAR_LocUInt8_0 )
        Wait( 1 )

I'd like point out the double name bug is caused by an OLD version of memoria, when uninstalling it. But the problem was fixed in Memoria and Moguri 8, so that means your save is from Moguri 7.0.1

Didn't we just get ff9 through xbox gamepass? IIRC that version had the battle UI resized as well, which is what has been patched with today's steam update. Other than that i completely understand the frustration though.

Out of curiosity, what tools are outdated? Memoria? HW?

They added 13 p0data files, and Hades Workshop only knows the old ones. Tirlititi told me to rename them to see what's inside though.

But who knows what they changed in AssemblyCSharp.dll. I'll need to do a comparison.

"FFS Square"?
You're acting like it's Square's fault or they deserve to be punished or criticized or something for updating their game, fixing bugs and whatnot. It's not their fault they don't support an unofficial fan mod. They should be applauded for actually caring about a port that came out years ago.

Anyway, I guess we should just wait until Moguri is compatible with this update.
For now, I deleted the game and reinstalled it vanilla.

It was frustration, because they changed the whole structure of files, which means our tools are now outdated. I won't just "wait until moguri is compatible", I'll have to find the way to make it compatible. Also, they release it without notice, which means it erased some files I was working on. Frustrated because V9 is almost done, and they had to wait 4 years to change minor things that were addressed in the mod or other mods.

Ah fuck fuck fuck fuck, SE release an update, and they changed some stuff and broke the mod. FFS square!

Please explain the meaning of these parameters. Thanks!

Rotation = 0
Perspective = 0
SpeedMode = 1
SpeedFactor = 3

Field = 0

NoAutoTrance = 0
AutoPotionOverhealLimit = 20 ; Maximum oveheal in percents, -1 to disable a new behaviour

BattleSpeed = 2

Honestly I don't know all of them, I think Albeoris should comment these better in Memoria's documentation. In the next version, I'd like to have a more verbose Memoria.ini.

For some reason, as you can see in the image i uploaded, i can't target the enemy copy. I move the cursor from one enemy to another, but the epitaf (stone monster) is always targeted
Probably a problem with Scaled Battle UI.

You can make him a ticket:

I probably asked a little wrong question.
I would like the game to work in the given resolution, but not expand to full screen. You can play in windowed mode, but it’s not very, but in full-screen mode, the game is stretched.
Here is a picture, I want it to work like that.

And yet, I forgot, my monitor does not support 1600x900 mode.
I'm not sure what you want. Memoria's widescreen has been tested with 16/9, so if you want to use that in full screen without scaling, you should be able to set a smaller resolution in windows and it should add black bars on the side. I don't have any other solution for your specific request, and don't own a 16/10 monitor to test.

Hello! Please answer, is it possible to disable scaling through the game settings?
The fact is that I have a 16:10 monitor and with the original resolution the wide format does not work in any way. Therefore, you have to play with a lower resolution of 16: 9, but in full screen mode, the game scales. You cannot turn off scaling through the video adapter. I would like to do this through the game settings, if possible?
Thought about it, there may be a way: right click on your desktop, display options, and set a 16:9 resolution to your monitor. Tell me if that worked !

I thought GO is the french version of GB since 1 giabyte is 1 Gigaoctet over there

wait, Go isn't understood internationally? It's the same value as GB (one octet = one byte = 8 bits)

That's why I didn't understand the question, I thought it was obvious.
I'll put GB if that's more internationally understood.

It's an old save.
Do I need to start over or can I edit it?

Skickat från min SM-G973F via Tapatalk

It's better to start over, there was a lot of improvement in save handling in the last year on Memoria. You're really at the beginning of the game though. Please report back if that solved the issue; the other person did not let me know if that was the issue.

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