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FF9 and all of its complaints

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Here are some of my complaints about FF9....and post some of yours too.1)It contains snippets of code from almost all FFs, even from SNES(which is also C++)
which caused the bug where you can't play in a usual emu like bleem! and in some older vers of PSX.2)It is VERY diffucult to level up or gain AP.That's all for now.

The Skillster:

Skillster's right, and that first statement is completely illogical and makes no sense at all. Emulation incompatibilities are *always* due to inaccurate duplication of the PSX hardware. FF9 pushes the PSX to its maximum and utilizes nearly all of its special commands (motion blur etc.), so it requires a near-perfect emulator to run satisfactory. The "contains snippets of code from almost all FFs" is bull, each FF game is completely re-written from scratch. Perhaps you meant the story references?

Srethron Askvelhtnod:
Hmmm, Joey's really started to pick up speed. Being Joeyed 2+ times in one day is a little much.

Sir Canealot:
Its not hard to gain EXE and at the end of the game(Completed it earlyer SNIFF) I had more ap then Iknew what to do with it.
You just need to know where to level up.
Or maybe your just stupid. Really I think your just stupid.
And talking about pushing the PSX to breaking point your right. Low frame rates all over the place long loading times.
I heard running though the texture filter of the PS2 that game looks amazeing almost next gen.And was C++ even around at the time of the snes?Oh and shup up Joey!


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