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Hi all, I am playing FF7 on PCSXR (latest version, I'm pretty sure), on my MacBook Pro, running 10.6.8. Game has been playing fine till now, but I have reached the flashback at Kalm, and the game keeps freezing after the battle with Sephiroth against the dragon. I have seen in some places this is due to graphical drivers, and that I need to download a True Motion codec, but this is PC specific, so not much help for me.

So I downloaded Black Chocobo in the hopes of editing the save game and skipping to after the cutscene, or flashback, or dragon battle, or something similar that will fix the problem. I've found my memory cards, and have my latest save game open for edit, but I can't see any option that would fix this issue. The game progress box, where it would presumably be, only shows a very few options, up to Sector 5, which, of course, I am well beyond at this point.

Does anyone have any suggestions for solving the problem, either through BC or another editor, or through graphical means? I am really enjoying this game, and would hate to have to give it up. Upgrading from Snow Leopard is not an option for me, nor is Bootcamp (my Bootcamp partition is currently dead and in need of resurrection).

Thanks in advance.

OK, solved it, a BIOS issue, apparently. Credit to George.

"For macs, the current pcsxr instructions floating around tell us to put the entire BIOS pack of like ten .bin files into the "BIOS" folder. Apparently, only one BIOS file can be read at a time. To get past this glitch, remove all the BIOS files except scph1001.bin."

Hope it helps others in the future.


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