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OT: In a very bad mood.....


Dammit, my UBB board have been hacked. All messages and the member list gone just like that. Fortunately I've made a backup of the member list ( but still some others have to reregister ). But a lot of other valuable  informations in those posts lost like that, That's a pity.Well...enough ranting. Must make sure that this WON'T happen in the future.

Hey cHiBiMaRuKo! Got a Crazy Poster rank already.  :) Well, that's something to be happy about... I am sure even Qhimm's board had been hacked before...it's hard for a UBB Board to be hacking-proof

What you should do is delete the control panel file from your server so no one can acess it and then when you want to change some settings you just upload it again.. change the settings and then remove it again!

Did you use a firewall? It should be able to detect who did it.


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