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--- Quote from: Shard on 2014-06-03 20:40:58 ---I bet Covarr already has all of Reno's dialogue voiced into sound files.

--- End quote ---
Not yet, but that's a good idea.

One weekend I did practice all his lines though. Even as important as he is to the story, he's not actually present for most of it; it's easy enough to get through all his dialogue in an hour or so, even with multiple takes.

Really all you need to do is voice the main storyline like most other games do and it won't take to long and be easier to finish.  I'm interested in maybe trying for Sephiroth or Vincent maybe even Red XIII.

I think your voices matches Sephiroth quite well.

i would do some lines . idk for whom but i would be alright with recording some.

At least it is nice to see that some people are looking at that thread .
I am not just talking shit here, .... I realy have the will to do that :)
But without a proper support from the real creator , it will not be posiible at all


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