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Happy fifteenth birthday, forums!

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--- Quote from: obesebear on 2015-08-13 14:17:32 ---I think they upgraded the forums at some point which caused a loss of the earlier topics.   The earliest ban I know of was a Qhimm imposter account which I THINK was an alternate Joey account

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The imposter was posting in 2009, and turned out to be former user RPGillepsie, a user banned in 2005.

Joey was banned in 2003, which predates this.

We had an upgrade in 2006 that didn't delete posts before it, but it did mess with the ban logs (all the older bans have the same date as the upgrade), so I looked through older bans and found the oldest "most recent" post I could. That's how I came up with Joey. It would not at all surprise me if there was an upgrade in 2001 that removed all posts from 2000-08-12 through 2001-01-03, but I wasn't around here that long ago so I can't rightly say. The only reason I know the forum itself is four months older than its oldest existing post is because the memberlist shows the first account (Qhimm) being created on 2000-08-12.

i remember when we did the upgrade...

hey guys

do you guys remember when this whole board used to go under alot of stress a long time ago



--- Quote from: sunz on 2015-08-13 15:46:09 ---The first mod was swapping end game Cloud model (sephiroth one on one) with original cloud model right?

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I'm not positive on this one, but I think so. That is, assuming you don't count the chocobo crash bugfix patch (which, hilariously, eidos linked to on their support site for years instead of just fixing the bug).


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