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Qhimm Wiki is down?

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--- Quote from: NFITC1 on 2018-01-04 11:49:55 ---For reference's sake there's a pretty recent snapshot on web archive. I'd like the wiki back, of course. :)

--- End quote ---
That works, which is good at least I can get something done.


Hey guys!

We began to restore the data from the archive.
Unfortunately, a lot of information is lost irrevocably.
Section on Final Fantasy VIII is completed. You can assess the magnitude of the disaster.

Great job on recovering wiki to other host, thanks Albeoris!

Albeoris, is that all you have, or are you still in process of restoring the data?

FF7 pages need to be added, for sure. There are some pages that are completely lost (unless qhimm restores the old wiki). I was writing a page that never got linked to another page so the archive never picked it up. I'd have to rewrite that page from scratch.


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