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VIII "Remastered" - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - v34+ (2020)

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VIII "Remastered" - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Better Variety for Random Battles... (scene.out)

Re-balancing of Enemy Attack Power... (kernel.bin) (many changes to status effects, Eden is 50% likely to cause Sleep)

Enemy/Boss Stats + AI Improvements... (enemy .dat files)
(Gradually doing more of these in no particular order)

Enemy/BOSS LVLs uncapped (BOSS IFRIT goes higher then lvl 6, etc) ... (enemy .dat files)

Damage Limit of 9999 removed (60,000 DMG is new cap)(kernel.bin)
(HP kept at 9999 as you can't see 5 digits in battle, only status screen... no 32,000 HP for now...)

Junctioning System Re-balanced... (kernel.bin)
(eg: New Magic to Junction + harder to absorb all elements too early on etc, greater need to make choices but also better variety)
(many more Elemental + Status Att+def Junction options)

Debug Rooms Shortcut via Balamb Garden's Training Center...

V8 = many major bugs Fixed (some minor still WIP) Hoping the end of Disc 1 and Disc 2 are all good now...

V9, same link as before... Imp revamp + Many Fixes... also try out Carbuncle ;)

V10 : MAJOR CITY/FIELDs BUG GONE, Ultimecia's Speech Retranslation (Disc 4)

V11, Hundreds of Battles Edited (need testing) + many fixes as usual... also now includes some bonus files like the Splashscreen skip etc...

V12 - Changes to starting equipment + GFs Revamped (needs New Game to take effect)...

V13, V14 ,v15 many Bugs fixed, changes to starting equipment + battles...

V25 (yes already, many changes since mostly additions to battles / ai / fixes)

V26 - 28 more fixes + trying out some Draw Point changes along with more GFs available early then ever before... (thought all GFs are LVL1 when you get them)

V29 - V34 ... Gayla etc should be working again along with many boss tweaks and also tweaks to Starting equipment + GF Abilities...

Hi, can you tell how to put only a mod on dmg over 9999 and HP over 9999?

right, many attacks in my mod should already include that... as with any new mod though testing is needed... also joining the qhimm discord can help with allot of extra info for anyone reading this...
also the best/easiest way to share screenshots etc for bug reports when those do eventually come up...

if however you just wanted to mod a few things... learning to use the tools "Deling" (to replace the file inside the main.fs) & "Doomtrain" (to edit it) would already allow you to make massive game changes to the kernel.bin...

Thanks, I'll try.

just a quick question. How do you change the character HP beyond 9999?


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