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[FF8:R] Demaster unofficial patch- HD fields, monsters, fixes + launcher 1.3.0

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Demaster is an injectable DLL that introduces many features: allows replacing monsters that didn't have HD textures, allows replacing fields with HD!!, allows replacing and modifying basically any texture, allows replacing battle stage textures, introduces auto UV patch, introduces direct reading of files instead of .zzz archives- basically Tonberry that works natively + several patches

Download now at:

INCLUDES 16 pages PDF with instructions step-by-step and features described

Battle stage HD:

It wasn't possible to replace T-rex with HD texture, now it's as easy as putting the files as in Remaster current HD textures are:

Fields are now in HD- you just drag and drop textures that are AI-enchanced:

demaster is configurable, adjustable, you can replace one texture or you can replace them all. Doesn't matter. Bigger, smaller- whatever

This is not final! More upgrades coming soon! Please report anything to make this cooler for you also report any wishes you want.

* ??

Remember to check for updates via demaster_manager

Yagami Light:
Grats on the release Maki, thank you! I've downloaded it but there's no PDF instructions file, got a separate link for that?

OMG sorry, looks like upload failed and I didn't see it failed. Reuploaded on the same link

Yagami Light:
Got it thanks, I coped everything over, named the folder EXP, extracted both files to it, I also set uv patcher to 0 since the exe was already patched. I get black screen unknown exception on start up though.

Do you have the latest update installed? Try to disable everything and enabled one-by-one to find on what it's crashing


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