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if anyone can help me as im a coding my xml file.

Is there a limit to how many lines of code from an xml file 7th heaven will accept ?

My current xml file has about 1200 lines of code and expected to be more.....

when i remove code 800 to 1200, its seem to load and work....any reason why i cant load anymore code.....if i cant my mod is dead in the i am trying to build a list of all the levels for music selection ?

I guess I'm at this alone.....fair enough....i did this to myself and forgiveness is just not on the table.  I am trying to right the wrongs....I am not going to steal anyone work, i heard you all loud and clear ! I am trying to do things the right way because i enjoy this....sometimes its hard to let go of judgement on someone, I understand....well i hope everyone has a great night.... ;) You all are amazing people and an inspiration to me.

Theres no set limit to mod.xml files. if removing those lines causes it to work again then you have an error inside of that section of the code.

Uprisen, THANK YOU SO MUCH. you were right i fixed it. Its ready for it first beta for users to test until i can get further permissions for music artists..upload in a few


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