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An apology

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--- Quote from: magitek on 2020-06-17 23:04:30 ---It was not answered why the others got away unpunished. It was explained the reason he got banned, and I can agree to that.

As a new user all I saw was people getting together to attack him, badmouthing, so he could attack back to get banned (considering his already bad temper), and that took some time as he was ignoring them all and they continued attacking. That was so clear that you could argue it was kind of planned.

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--- Quote from: magitek on 2020-06-17 20:38:45 ---I'm a new user, but I got here because of Reunion. I tried 7H but Reunion is a much better mod and is a shame it is not supported in this forum.

As a new user I can sort of understand banning him, he was rude sometimes.

However I can't understand how those users bashing him in his thread to not being banned together. It was a very clear bulling, even when he ignored and did not respond, they kept coming again and again after days and weeks, even after the mod said not to in the Reunion thread. After being ignored by him, some even quoted themselves to continue bashing him. So, how come those are not banned?

The impression I got is that for FF7 they won't work together for the best of users, saying that you can't use this or that. It's a shame. And even if he was like that, maybe the other mods could be the better men, but it looked like they were competing to who was the worst. And as I stated before, how come only he is banned?

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still waiting to hear back from mods on the response to bullying...
it really did feel that way to allot of us...  people getting together to attack him...
someone even wrongfully claiming he was a covid denier etc... at some point it got personal...

I haven't been keeping up at all with what's been going on. I only visited due to a ping on the discord server about the reunion's removal. But I guess it's good to hear this. Moving on and all that.

Was opening this thread back up an accident? Have we not gotten enough drama yet? Lol.

We're moving stuff around, was probably an accident


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