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Need a definitive FF7 mod list for those willing to help.

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Hello all! Long time user here, sadly I have not been keeping up on things... and sadly I get stuck in my ways. Is Aali's driver still the best way to play FF7 PC? Is the PC port even still the way to go?  I'm so old I remember having to download the duck codec to get the game to boot up. heh

On the social end of things is Obesebear still cool? Sl still grumpy? Covarlett still Covarlett? Dan still well.. Dan? and Sith still the Linux wiz?

I can't for the life of me find a few essential mods Aali's Driver, Reuion, Soundtrack by FFtim. Ether I'm getting too old to use SMF, or I'm blind I dunno which is worse. :(

Welcome back!
PC is still the way to go, but you'll want FFNx instead of Aali's.  It has its own forum.  You'll also want to check out the discord link as it's now where most of the day to day happenings are discussed and is the quickest way to get help.

Obesebear was never cool.  SL is still grumpy.  Covarr may not exist anymore, he's about as rare as Qhimm.  Dan was banned (permanently) a few months back.  Sith still has updates to Black Chocobo, but now has other members he can talk technical jargon with.

Reunion has been moved to DLPB's site I think.   FinalFanTim still has a soundtrack link somewhere, but there are a few other good options floating around now, too.  You might also check out Echo-S as it's doing a surprisingly good voice over.  I'm also out of touch with the day to day of things, but if you get on discord, you should be able to figure things out pretty quickly.

Im not grumpy.... grumbles


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I'm a battle-wearied full Covarr now, gone through a terrible marriage, a divorce, and now am engaged to someone actually wonderful.


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Ooooh... welcome to the club brother lol Also dig the new Avatar looks so... "refreshiiiing" :P


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