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I take back shitting on these games, the art style has kind of grown on me and like I said the music is fantastic. Wish there was a hard mode or something for extra content or that they had done something similiar to ff4 ds/pc. I'd even be down for a hard mode dlc. I wonder if ff6 is still coming out this year?

The VG Research and Modding server on Discord has taken over the modding project on those. I have no idea if there is any other team dealing with it rn.

Playing FFIV PR and it's pretty great. Looks amazing and the new music is a nice addition. The minimap is also fantastic because games with random encounters always give me anxiety lol.

They did nerf the difficulty by halving the exp required to level up, but that doesn't bother me too much. Sometimes it's nice to just play a game without being challenged all the time.

97 hours left for FFVI PR


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