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So, we've waited a long... long time for a particular mod to exist.
We get asked almost daily in fact. Well, today is the day!

I'm happy to announce that the BETA of the 60 FPS Mod is ready to be tested!

You can see it in action as well as install instructions and download links in this video:

This mod is a full overhaul of the game that pushes field, battle and worldmap mode to 60 FPS.
Thanks to Quantumpencil for reverse engineering the FF7 code, Vertex was able to interpolate most of the battle animation effects (excluding texture paging and particle effects)

This is a BETA release with the goal to find out bugs and glitches (in case you encounter a softlock, just skip it by disabling the mod and the reactivating it)
In order to use this mod, it is necessary to have:

 - FFNx version or higher. If you use 7th Heaven you NEED the 1998 version of FFnx, not the Steam one!
( just drag&drop all the files of the zip in FF7 installation folder (This will reset your 7th heaven "Game Driver" settings)

 - the IRO mod containing interpolated animation files (Kudos to @Obesebear   and @Kaldarasha ). You can download it either in the 7th heaven catalog or directly here ( Just make sure to re-order the mod list with the 1/9 button on the right side bar.

Before reporting any bugs, please check if the issue is already present in this post and make sure the bug is only replicable in 60 FPS

In case someone has issues and can't get it working, you can revert it back by reinstalling the stable version 2.3.3 of 7th heaven, if you have used the installer previously you can use the repair/modify option in your add/remove programs.

Finally, thanks to TrueOdin and the dev community for all the help in modding, tools, and so on.

This mod should work nicely with most model mods including ChaoS, Ninostyle and maybe Barret mod. It'll even work for the most part with New Threat (Custom models may move faster)
However, for the time being this will not work with the Ceta Project until I go through and manually redo all of my animations (Wont take long hopefully)

So with that, go ahead and Stream it! Make videos! Whatever it is you do.
But most of all, enjoy it. Thank you for your patience with this incredible mod!

Nice work! There was a lot of people asking for this feature O_o

Well not sure what the problem is but it causes all my battles to run in slow motion. I turned off all other mods and still the same issue. I use 7th heaven so I downloaded the latest canary build of FFnx 1998. Still same issue. I'll be happy to provide any information you might need.

My God.  It finally happened. 

I started this thread all the way back in 2010.  A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who was able to make this dream a reality!  It's been a very long 12 years in the making.  If I'm not mistaken someone was even able to implement full motion analog support in the fields!  I feel like a little kid on Christmas eve.  I just can't say thank you enough to all the people who spent their free time on this mod. It was one of the things I most wanted to see completed, and it's finally here.

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

Tsuna I watched your video this looks amazing. Surprised this hasn't gotten more posts, qhimm seems dead.


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