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[FF8PC Remaster]Sorceress's Resentment MOD
« on: 2022-04-17 05:53:33 »
This mod made by chinese editer(I got the authorization), So I translated Readme by google.
The mod is currently available for English remaster versions only

Besure backup the original file before install the mod

How to install this MOD:
 1. Use ZZZDeArchive to dearchive the gamefile:main.zzz,
 2. Replace the same file (main.fl main.fs battle.fs battle.fl in dearchivefolder\main\data\lang-en
 3. Rearchive back to main.zzz
 4. Have fun

Spoiler: show
Sorceress's Resentment V3.0:
Re-adjusted some modification parameters and adjusted the gameplay. This version is based on the English version in the 2019 Remaster version as the basic modification. If you have any questions, please contact the author or leave a message in the forum
Special thanks to [Unrestrained Red Butterfly] for selflessly providing bug testing, providing me with the basis for adjustment and optimization, and thanks to his superb technical level that made me have to redesign some mechanisms.
Special thanks to [Upton XP] for giving me a lot of ideas and some pointers on mechanics.
All story bosses, especially the bosses after obtaining Ragnarok on Disc 3, have been greatly improved
The small BOSS of the Sorceress Castle has been fully strengthened, and will no longer be reduced to passers-by
The skills of the strongest BOSS Omega are strengthened, you can't hide behind the invincible
The Sorceress Ultimecia is extremely strong, please train all the characters, brush up the props and prepare the ability configuration before challenging her.
All bonuses have been cancelled. Cactus cannot be deleted because of the bonus of its own learning, but it has no effect. If you want to improve attributes, you can only rely on devouring and refining props.
Fully release the use of Limit Break, Limit Break belong to the characteristics of FF8, and completely restricting them will reduce the characteristics of the character. However, in order to balance the power of the extreme skill, it will be adjusted so that it is not too powerful.

How to use: Replace the files in the compressed package with the corresponding files in the game, and then start a new game. Make sure to back up the original game

Modification ideas:
From the official design point of view, below level 20 is easy mode 20-30 is medium Level 30 and above is difficulty, it is a gradual process with the progress of the main line, but due to the use of the attribute bonus ability later, Player always keeping their level to minimum as they can, which is actually Going against the original intention of the official design, based on this problem, the difficulty of upgrading each character has been changed. After the change, the experience required for each level of SEED is doubled, the experience required for temporary teammates to upgrade is greatly reduced, and all attribute bonuses are canceled. Lost the profit, and modified many GF abilities, making it very difficult to fuse GF in the early stage, and improving the use rate of magic. It also changed the devoured income to make it easier to improve the attributes in the later stage. For details, please refer to the devoured changes.
Since Disc 3 gets the Ragnarok, the intensity of the plot boss will become stretched due to the upper limit of the level, and the level of the player will change greatly. Players who level up and brush attributes can easily suppress their attributes. You need to start with skills and add various control states that cannot be defended, or you need to correspond to the state of defense to pass the level

Magic: Since no enemy can resist the melting, the effect of the melting vit0 is canceled and replaced with a small chance of instant death
Junction : Since the original attribute junction  can greatly reduce the difficulty of the game, in order to increase the playability, only the specific attribute junction  of a few magics is reserved.
Junction : Elemental junction  will negate the elemental damage of many enemies, including bosses, so it needs to be greatly weakened
Junction : Elemental attacks will now directly fuse high-level magic to 150%, increasing the attribute damage multiplier
Junction : Status junction  will greatly reduce the difficulty, so the status attack and status defense of magic junction  are reduced to 50% of the original
Affinity: The effect of magic on GF's affinity is greatly increased, so that those who use magic and GF at the same time should consider the cooperation of GF and magic more carefully,
Ability: Cancel all upgrade bonuses, except for Cactus, GF bonuses are replaced by this ability upgrade
GF: The damage and HP increase of GF have been cancelled to increase the difficulty of the game. (Anyway, it can be relearned from the props)
GF ability: The card change will allow players to have many rare items in the early game, which greatly reduces the difficulty of the game, so this ability can only be learned if it is changed to the relevant GF100 level.
GF Ability: Devour allows players to brush personal attributes without upgrading, which greatly reduces the difficulty of the game. Therefore, this ability can only be learned if it is changed to the relevant GF100 level.
GF phase: The influence of GF and the opposite phase is greatly enlarged, making the choice of GF more cautious.
Damage: Some Limit Break, Items, and magic can break through object immunity, magic immunity and even invincibility.

The following is a detailed description of the data changes:

Level experience changes:
Level x requires experience formula: ((level X-1)^2*B)/256+(level X-1)*A*10 Default: A=100 B=0
Squall: A=200 B=225
Zell: A=200 B=175
Irvine: A=200 B=150
Quistis: A=200 B=250
Rinoa: A=200 B=125
Selphie: A=200 B=200
Seifer: A=50 B=50
Edea: A=50 B=200
Laguna: A=200 B=0
Kiros: A=200 B=0
Ward: A=200 B=0

Changes in personal added value of Crisis level:
Squall: 80
Zell: 80
Irvine: 80
Quistis: 80
Rinoa: 80
Selphie: 80
Seifer: 100
Edea: 100
Laguna: 100
Kiros: 100
Ward: 100

The upgrade attributes of all characters have been improved, and the main attribute of level 100 is about 80-100 without junction .

Limit Break changes:

Squall: Break the damage limit Renzokuken attack power 88
Rough Divide: Gunblade Finisher attack power 192
Fated Circle: Magic Attack, Fire Attack Power 254     
Blasting Zone: Magic attack ignores SPR, holy attribute attack power 220
Lion Heart: Physical attack ignores VIT, attack power 24

Quistis: breaks the damage limit for part of the damage some skill added the bad status
Laser Eye: Magic Attribute Ice Level 1: Attack 50 Level 2: Attack Power 72 Level 3: Attack Power 102 Level 4: Attack Power 128
Ultra waves: Magic Attribute Wind Level 1: Attack Power 34 Level 2: Attack Power 50 Level 3: Attack Power 70 Level 4: Attack Power 96
Electrocute: Magic Level 1: Attack Power 38 Level 2: Attack Power 54 Level 3: Attack Power 77 Level 4: Attack Power 100
LV?Death Level Attack Level 1: Level Multiplier 7 Level 2: Level Multiplier 5 Level 3: Level Multiplier 3 Level 4: Level Multiplier 2
Deganerator: Physical Level 1: Hit 0 Level 2: Hit 25 Level 3: Hit 50 Level 4: Hit 75
Aqua Breath: Magic Level 1: Attack Power 63 Level 2: Attack Power 105 Level 3: Attack Power 140 Level 4: Attack Power 200
Micro Missile: Physical Percentage Damage Level 1: 25% Level 2: 50% Level 3: 75% Level 4: 100%
Acid: Magic Attribute Poison Level 1: Attack Power 38 Level 2: Attack Power 57 Level 3: Attack Power 77 Vit0 → Berserk Level 4: Attack Power 104 Vit0 → Berserk
Gatling Gun: Physical Attributes Level 1: Attack Power 75 Level 2: Attack Power 120 Level 3: 175 Level 4: 240
Fire Breath: Magic Level 1: Attack Power 88 Level 2: Attack Power 135 Level 3: Attack Power 175 Level 4: 240
Bad Breath: Magic Level 4: Cancel Vit0
White Wind: White Wind Recovery Level 1: Remove Slow, Poison, Darkness, Silence, Zombie Level 2: Remove Stop, Sleep, Berserk, Confuse Level 3: Remove Curse, Stamina 0, back Attack, Doom Level 4: Remove all negative states
Homing Laser: Magic ignores spr attributes Holy Level 1: Attack Power 100 Level 2: Attack Power 150 Level 3: Attack Power 200 Level 4: Attack Power 250
Mighty Guard: Level 1: Status Added Double Level 2: Status Added Double, Triple Level 3: Status Added Double, Triple Level 4: Status Added Double, Triple, Physical Immunity, Magic Immunity
Ray Bomb: Magic Ignore Spirit Level 1: Attack Power 160 Level 2: Attack Power 180 Level 3: Attack Power 200 Level 4: Attack Power 220
Shockwave Pulsar: Physical Level 1: Attack Power 150 Level 2: Attack Power 200 Level 3: Attack Power 200 Level 4: Attack Power 250

Punch Rush: Physical damage ATK 45
Booya: Physical damage ATK 51
Heel Drop: Physical damage attack power 56
Mach Kick: Physical Damage ATK 68
Dolphin Blow: Magic Damage Attack Power 148 Water Attribute Moves: L1, R1
Meteor Strike: Physical Percentage Damage Attack Power 25% Earth Attribute Moves: Down, Up, Fork
Burning Rave: Magic ignores SPR fire attribute attack power 120 Moves: down, down, circle
Meteor Barret: Magic ignores SPR Thunder attribute ATK power 130 Moves: Up, Fork, Down, Cube
Differential beat: Physical attack ignores VIT, wind attribute attack power 72 Moves: up, up, triangle
My Final Heaven: physical attack ignores VIT attack power 50 moves: L2, R2
Starting Moves: Level 1: Heel Drop Level 2: Mach Kick Level 3: Punch Rush Level 4: Punch Rush
Duration: Level 1: 17 seconds Level 2: 17 seconds Level 3: 17 seconds Level 4: 17 seconds

Selphie: Change the magic list
Slot: The maximum release quantity has been changed to 3 except for the ultimate magic, the frequency of some magic has been changed, and the ultimate magic has been added to the Slot, include in Apocalypse, Percent and the Catastrophe

Angelo Cannon: Physical attack fire attribute attack power 252
Angelo Strike: Physical attack ignore VIT wind attribute attack power 90
Invincible Moon: Magic attack has a 77% chance to take effect
Wishing Star: Magic Attack ignores Spirit Attack Power: 81
Angel Wing: Magic Attack Status Additional: Physical Immunity

Irvine: Damage breakthrough limit crit bonus 50
Normal Shot: Physical Attack Wind Attribute Attack Power 43
Scatter Shot: Physical Attack Ice Attribute Attack Power 35
Dark Shot: Magic Attack Attack Power 82 Poison Attribute
Flame Shot: Magic Attack ATK 235 Fire Attribute
Canister Shot: Physical Attack ATK 151
Quick Shot: Physical attack, Thunder attribute attack power 18
Armor Shot: Physical attack ignores VIT and attribute attack power is 50
Hyper Shot: Magic attack ignores SPR holy attribute attack power 235
Duration: Level 1: 34 seconds Level 2: 34 seconds Level 3: 34 seconds Level 4: 34 seconds

Seifer: Damage breakthrough the limit
No Mercy: Physical Attack Fire Attribute Attack Power 80

Edea: Breaking the Damage Limit
Ice Strike: Magic Attack Ice attribute attack power 240

Laguna: Breaking the Damage Limit
Desperado: Physical attack fire attribute attack power 140

Kiros: Damage breakthrough the limit
Bloody Pain: Physical attack thunder attribute attack power 25

Ward: Damage breakthrough the limit
Massive Anchor: Physical attack water attribute attack power 150

Battle item changes:
Potion: 400
Potion+: 1600
Hi-Potion: 2000
Hi-Potion+: 8000
Mega Potion: 4000
Antidote: Added cure Status Berserk
Soft: Added cure status stop
Eye Drops: Added cure State Sleep
Echo Screen: Added cure Status confuse
Holy Water: Added cure Status Vit0
Hero Trial: Increase Physical immunity
Hero: Increase Physical immunity
Holy War Trial: Increase Physical immunity
Holy War: Increase Physical immunity
Remedy+: Single → All
Shell Stone: Single → All effects increase defend
Protect Stone: Single → All effects increase zombie
Aura Stone: Single → All effects increase Haste
Death Stone: Single → All Level Attack Level Multiplier by 2
Holy Stone: Single → All effect changed to petrification, no attack power
Flare Stone: Changed to Summon Chocobo flare
Meteor Stone: Changed to Summon Chocobo Meteor
Ultima Stone: Changed to summon Gilgamesh Masamune

Weapon changes: Except for squall, the attributes of different weapons have different gains
Weapon hitrate: hitrate only affect by physical attack, it represents the reduced damage in fixed damage, and there is no affected in magic damage, so the magic attack power hit is modified to mapping the attack power

Squall: gunblade always can hit, the hit rate is changed to mapping the weapon's attack power
Revolver: Gun Blade Attack Power 62 Finishing Moves: Rough Divide, Lion Heart
Shear Trigger: Gun Blade Attack Power 40 Strength 14 Finishing Move: Rough Divide
Cutting Trigger: Gunblade Attack Power 76 Finishing Moves: Rough Divide, Fated Circle
Flame Saber: Gun Blade Attack Power 40, Strength 20 Finishing Move: Rough Divide
Twin Lance: Gunblade Attack Power 84 Finishing Moves: Rough Divide, Blasting Zone
Punishment: Gun Blade Attack Power 40 Strength 24 Finishing Move: Rough Divide
Lion Heart: Gun Blade Attack Power 100 Finishing Moves: Rough Divide, Fated Circle, Blasting Zone, Lion Heart

Metal Knuckle: Fixed damage 200 strength 12 hit 0%
Maverick: Physical Attack ATK of 40, Hit 114%
Gauntlet: Physical percentage attack power 2, crit 40, hit 101%
Ehrgeiz: Physical attack ignores VIT attack power 20, crit 50, hit 53%

Valiant: Fixed damage 200 strength 12 hit 0%
Ulysses: Physical attack attack power 80, hit 123%
Bismarck: Physical percentage attack attack power 2, crit 40, hit 110%
Exeter: Physical attack ignores VIT attack power 20, crit 50, hit 65%

Quistis: The hit of the magic damage weapon is the embodiment of the attack power
Chain Whip: Fixed damage 200 strength 12 hit 0%
Slaying Tail: Physical attack attack power 80, crit 30, hit 104%
Red Scorpion: Magic percentage attack attack power 4, hit 25%
Save the Queen: Magic attack ignores SPR attack power 65, hits 65%

Rinoa: The hit of the magic damage weapon is the embodiment of the attack power
Pinwheel: Fixed Damage 200 Strength 11 Hit 0%
Valkyrie: Physical attack attack power 80, crit 28, hit 101%
Rising Sun: Physical percentage attack attack power 2, crit 36, hit 103%
Cardinal: Magic percentage attack attack power 20→5 hit 31%
Shooting Star: Magic attack ignores SPR attack power 68, hits 68%

Selphie: The hit of the magic damage weapon is the embodiment of the attack power
Flail: Fixed damage 200 strength 12 hit 0%
Morning Star: Physical attack attack power 80, crit 30, hit 99%
Crescent Wish: Magic Percentage Attack Damage 4 Hit 25%
Strange Vision: Magic attack ignores SPR attack power 65, hits 65%

Hyperion: Physical attack attack power 64, hit 255%

NONE: Magic attack ignores SPR attack power of 60 and hits 60%

Machine gun: physical attack attack power 60, crit 28, hit 103%

Blades: Physical attack attack power 60, crit 26, hit 102%

Harpoon: Physical attack attack power 60, crit 32, hit 98%

Ability changes:
Character: Cancel all bonus
Status: EVA+30%→130% AP150→230
Status: Luck+50%→150% AP200→250
Ability: Treatment changed to remove all status(buff & debuff), including Angel wings, Charge, Defend
Ability: Mad Rush added shell, Regen, Doom
Ability: Doom added status Blind silence Confuse Berserk slow stop sleep
Ability: Absorb magic attack → physical attack ignores VIT to break through damage limit attack power 28
Ability: Kamikaze Added status Eject
Ability: Level down to 1/2→1/8 of the original level each time
Ability: Level up to 2→8 of the original level each time
Order: Defend added status Shell

GF: Summoning Amplifier damage increased to: 10% 20% 40% 80%

Magic Change: All magic with attack power (including damage magic and healing) break through the limit
Magic: The damage of attack magic is re-planned, non-element magic ignores spirit, element magic damage increases by level
Magic: magic draw is more difficulty
Demi: Deals 75% HP damage
Dispel: Can remove invincible and summoning
Confuse: Added status Backattack
Petrify: Changed by Petrifing
Death: changed by Doom
Melting: changed by Chance to death
Wall: Increase regen, float, defend
Percent: 100% HP damage
Catastrophe: Attack Power 255
The End: Changed by Forced Sleep

Junction : The attribute junction  of most magics has been cancelled, and only a few magics are retained. Mom no longer has to worry about me not daring to use magic.
Junction : All magic junction  state attack and defense effects are halved
Junction : Elemental attack junction  of all attribute attack magic is 50% 100% 150%
Junction : The elemental defense of all attribute attack magic is fused to 1/4 of the magic attack power(original data), rounded up

Junction : HP Junction  only preserves Life and Full-Life
Junction : STR Junction only retains Aura and Berserk
Junction : VIT Junction  only retains Regen and Protect
Junction : MAG Junction  only retains triples and doubles
Junction : SPR Junction  only retains Reflect and Shell
Junction : SPD Junction  only retains Haste and Slow
Junction : EVA Junction  only retains Float and blind
Junction : Hit Junction  only retains stop and Sleep
Junction : Luck Junction  only retains pain and death

Junction : Demi increases status attack all by 30%
Junction : Dispel increases status defense all by 25%
Junction : Protect increases elemental defense against ice, earth, wind, and water by 5%
Junction : Shell element defense changed to fire, thunder, poison, holy 5%
Junction : Double increase status defense silence, berserk, sleep, confuse by 20%
Junction : Triple increase status defense silence, berserk, sleep, confuse by 30%
Junction : Haste increases state defense slow, stop 25%
Junction : Meltdown increases status defense all by 10%
Junction : Scan increases status attack all by 15%

Aspects: element magic positive attribute x10, negative attribute x20, if the limit is exceeded, the limit shall prevail.

GF changes:
General: Most GFs come with one or more status attack effects
General: All GFs break the damage limit
General: All GF attack types that deal damage changed to GF ignore spirit
General: All GF upgrades require 2 times the experience of the original, 2.7 times the cactus, 0.5 times the Carbuncle and Cerberus, and the Diablos remains unchanged.
General: Cancel all GF's default summon damage boost
General: Cancels all GF default HP boosts
General: Cancel all GF's default personal attribute boosts (except Brother's HP+20 and Bahamut's STR+60 and MAG+60)
General: All GF phases, 20 for ownsite, opposite x3, other x5
General: All GF damage is greatly increased

Quezacotl: Ability Card → Ability Mug
Quezacotl: Ability Card Mod → Ability Darkside
Quezacotl: Added Status Blind
Quezacotl: Cancel Elemental Attack Junction
Shiva: Ability Doom → Ability Kamikaze
Shiva: Added Status Slow
Shiva: Cancel Elemental Attack Junction
Ifrit: Strength bonus → Strength +20%
Ifrit: Added status Berserk
Siren: MAG Bonus → MAG +20%
Siren: Added state sleep silence
Brothers: HP bonus→HP+40%
Brothers: Increase status Drain (single)
Brothers: Cancel Elemental Attack Junction
Diablos: Added status stop
Carbuncle: Status Additional: Protect, Shell
Carbuncle: Stamina Bonus → Stamina +20%
Kabankul: Cancel Status Attack Junction
Leviathan: Spirit Bonus → Spirit +20%
Leviathan: Added Status Poison
Leviathan: Cancel Elemental Attack Junction
Pandemona: Added Status BackAttack
Cerberus: Added status Haste
Cerberus: Cancel Status Attack Junction
Cerberus: Cancel Status Defense Junction  x4
Alexander: Added Status Zombies
Alexander: Cancel Elemental Attack Junction
Alexander: Cancel Elemental Defense Junction  x4
DoomTrain: Status Cancel Vit0
DoomTrain: Cancel Elemental Defense Junction  x4
DoomTrain: Cancel Status Defense Junction  x4
Bahamut: Ability Mug → Ability Card
Bahamut: Added status Doom
Cactus: Ability Kamikaze → Ability Doom
Tonberry: Added status Death
Eden: Ability Darkside → Ability CardMod
Eden: Ability CardMod requires GF level 100
Eden: Ability boost → Ability Ribbon
Eden: Ability Ribbon requires GF level 10→100
Eden: Ability Devour requires GF level 1→100
Eden: Added Status Eject

Non-junction GF changes:
General: All GFs break the damage limit
Rebirth flame ATK 240 Cancel element fire
Chocobo fire magic damage attack power 120 added status berserk
Chocobo flare magic damage ignores SPR attack power 180
Chocobo meteor physical damage ignores VIT attack power 80
Chocobo Bocle changed to fixed damage by 20000
Angelo rash attack power 160
Angelo recover 50% chance to remove bad condition
Angelo revive changed to full HP revive
Excaliber damage changed to HP-1
Mansamune cancel damage, changed by Death
Excalipoor cancels damage and changed by petrify

Devouring Changes: You can try to pick up other monsters to eat
It tastes good HP+50
Delicious HP+100
Fresh HP+200
rotten unchanged
funny unchanged
Blind unchanged
Too bad to eat unchanged
vomiting unchanged
really shouldn't eat unchanged
No good, heal 25% HP+25
Increase Strength (Devouring Tyrannosaurus Rex) Strength +1 → Strength +1 Stamina +1
Feeling healthy (devouring the Adamantoise) physical strength +1 → physical strength +1 spirit +1
Clear Mind (Devouring Behemoth) Magic +1 → Strength +1 Magic +1
Increase Will (Devouring Malboro) Spirit +1 → Magic +1 Spirit +1
Light on the feet (devouring pupu) Speed +1→HP+255 All attributes +1
All ready (devouring Ruby dragon) increase 10 points of HP → speed +1

Enemy attack:
Most normal attacks have a chance to have Vit0 effect
boss skills penetrate invincibility, including physical immunity and magic immunity
Omega's TerraBreak damage cannot be defended with invulnerability
Sorceress Ultimecia’s absorbs into time was not 100% hit the character.
The skill of the boss has changed in game, and it not be defeated by old ways
The skill hit rate of some enemies has been increased, and various bad statuses are attached
The attack power of physical skills and magic skills of enemies has been increased
All enemies' speed and dodge increase with level

Other changes:
Status duration is doubled
Doom, Petrifying state duration reduced by half(お前は、もう死んでいる)

Crisis value changes:
Aura; 200→100
Others: 0

Rinoa's Angelo and Gilgamesh has become more hilarious, appearing 10 times of original

enemy changes
Common enemy level rules (level cap is 100):
Lower grades 1-29
Intermediate 30-59
High grade 60-100
Boss levels will differentiate between levels based on 30% and 60% of the level cap

Double the HP of non-boss enemies
Boss HP will be increased according to the original level cap

element defense
Non-BOSS (can fight multiple times, and the enemy's parameter does not change), the main weakness point will become extremely fragile, and the other weaknesses point will also become weaker, including the oilboyle, Raldo, Granaldo, X-ATM092
The Boss' weak point will become extremely fragile,

extra experience x10
Get APx2

Loot Item:
Number of mid-level robberies x2
Number of high-level robberies x3
The mobs robbery chance is fixed at 10%
Fixed 5% boss robbery

Draw magic:
Non-Boss unchanged
Low level bosses remain unchanged
Changed mid-level bosses to secondary weak spot magic
High-level bosses have been changed to draw magic that is optimized for weak points

Devour and Cards
temporarily unchanged

Drop a card with the same name. If it is rare, it must drop a similar card. The boss has a chance to drop a card with the same name.

Belhelmel has a higher chance to drop laser cannon
Blitz have a higher chance to drop Power Generator
Most bosses are immune to Diablos and Percentage damage
The action list of some bosses at higher levels has changed, using new skills and magic
Some bosses will have their own auto-reflect that cannot be dispelled
Some bosses added some easter eggs

V3.0 DownLoadlink:Download Ver3.0
V4.0 DownLoadlink:Download Ver4.0
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