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[FF7 PC-98/Steam] True Honey Bee Inn (Download available!)


Hello everybody!

Please if any moderator can delete other topics (repeated) it would be great, thanks

After many problems I have been able to finalize the base of the unused field of "Honey Bee Inn", which consists of three field IDs, the main entrance was undoubtedly the most problematic (onna_1), in the other two I had to do some " fixes ", but they work really well and it's almost a miracle that we can enjoy this on the pc version

-Fix list-
Spoiler: show-Layers that were broken by the import of PS1 format, they have worked enough to do this, it is clean, the layers that were broken in onna_1 were fixed by [email protected] (thanks friend!)
-Walkmesh, steps on the sides did not exist, they made the field very orthopedic to move
-Errors of animation, text, windows, scripts, etc
-Map jumps
-I changed an npc because it was repeated
-Code link so that all events are ready, and more inconsistencies
-Some minor memory changes


True Honey Bee Inn (English) (HD)

True Honey Bee Inn "Original' (Spanish)

True Honey Bee Inn "HD" (Spanish)

Spoiler: showI want to share the honors with [email protected] (, he solved the problem of the layers that prevented me from working with everything else, also with Satsuki who was in charge of converting those backgrounds into HD, Tsunamods by the FFNx (without forgetting TrueOdin!), Either I forget about Mystare, well you already know that this is my kitchen: P

Mystare (Makou Reactor)

Chibi models (NinoStyle)

Satsuki (Backgrounds HD)

Tsunamods (FFNx)

For the english translation (I love :-\)

Finally, I am thinking that we should be able to play this all, my intention was to add it to my FF7OR project, normally I would not want them to use content before finalizing the project, but this deserves to be added also in the original game

Download True Honey Bee Inn 1.0 (english)

If you plan to include this in a mod that is a joke, you do not have my consent to add this

Mainly I agree to include it in Vanilla versions, anyone who wants to include it in public versions should contact me, and also give credits to me and my colleagues [email protected], Mystare and Sacepi (if you think use English version)

The english is corrected as much as possible, please respect the translation, if there are any code problems comment it and I will review it

Greetings and thanks!

Hello, cloudiar!

I have watched the video you uploaded and I find this interesting. But I am not sure I exactly understand what it is you have done. Have you restored some Honey Bee Inn cut content from the original game?

Could you give us a little more information about the whole project?

And an additional question: is this the same restoration made by markul here: ?


Hi Salk  ;)

This is a true restoration, for that reason it is called "True Honey Bee Inn", the details of the arrangements and the changes are in the first message, it is a complete restoration, including the scenes, layers, walkmesh, etc.

Correct, it is original content, but adapted, fixed, there is only some slight change, the reconstruction is evident since not even the scenes were linked correctly, in addition to repeated npc, we are talking about a scene that was a beta, just like the cutscenes , requires adjustments so that it does not clash with the rest.

Thanks for all the answers!

I have one more question, if you don't mind: have your restored background been upscaled by Satsuki, by any chance? if not, might I suggest proposing him to do it so that people that use his upscaled textures together with your True Honey Bee Inn modification will have consistent upscaled quality inside the game?



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