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Best versions to play the Final Fantasy series?


Hi! i want to replay some of the firsts FF from 1 to 9 and  i was thinking what is the best version for every game to play it.
For example, there is the original game, but also there are versions for PSX,PSP, PC, PC mod, the pixel remasters.....  :-\ I dont really know what should be the best option to replay this titles. Anyone can give me some advices?
Thanks   :D

My take:
Definitely PSP for 1 and 2. If graphics aren’t an issue then DS for 3 and GBA for 5 & 6. Steam for 7-9, but there are also Steam ports for 5 and 6 that have the same content as the GBA (I think), but some of the tilesets look like puke.

You’ll notice I didn’t mention 4. There are several versions all with differences. The PSP is the closest to the Japanese original while still being playable and it has after years built in. The DS version has a few version exclusive content including VAs and a few new mega bosses.

Personally, 1,2 I might just go with pixel remasters for ease of access on modern systems and being remastered. 3,4 probably the 3d remakes for same reasons but they're 3d... 6 is the toss up between the original PC release for all the awesome mods for it, but I don't know how easy it is to get a hold of now and if not, then pixel remaster for it as well... 7,8,9 the obvious answer is PC modded.


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