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I create Hardcore Patch for FF8 and I have one problem. Anybody knows, where is stored data about max possible level of monster (for Ifrit, Ultimecia, etc.)?

I just started exploring the FF8 files. Where is all the data for enemies stored anyway? I would guess in the battle archive. Would love to boost the difficulty in FF8.

I created Battle Hardcore Patch two weeks ago, but installer is in Polish (but it's simple ;)), so I don't published this here yet.
If you want this patch now, download it from here: FF8 Battle Hardcore Patch.

INFO: This patch is working with English version of the game.

1. Download Hardcore patch.
2. Create a backup of "battle.fs", "battle.fl" and "".
3. Create a new folder inside Final Fantasy VIII folder (in this folder you have FF8.exe).
4. Extract files from the patch into this folder.
5. Run FF8_BHP.exe.
6. Choose difficulty level (Ruby Medium, Ultima Hard, Omega Extreme).
7. Click "Zastosuj" button (Polish translation of "Apply") and wait to the end of job inside cmd.exe window.
8. Close FF8_BHP.exe and run FF8 ;).

I suggest you to choose Hard difficulty level. Extreme level is really Extreme ;)

Unfortunately, I can't changed data about max possible level of monster.

To create this patch, I wrote a program to change data in battle files, I'll publish it soon :)

so what exactly does this patch does? what's the difference from all of those modes?

Wow this is really great Colly. Though I would like to know where the data for the enemies are located. 2 days ago I got hold of FF8 PC version so I figured out I should tweak it some too. There's a lot of stuff I want to change, not just enemies. If someone know anything it would be great if you told me!  :-D Thanks!


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