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Final Fantasy X Media Released!

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Hey Guys, check it out:
 http://www.thegia.com/psx2/ff10/ff10media2.html  http://squaregamer.com/news/items/0,0112,005715,01.shtml I think Qhimm got some "new work" to do   :wink:
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 Square really does their job fast. I think they have multiple teams working on different FF series. Not only they'll get the game out fast, the ideas are all original. *who is that? an improved version of Siren?*

The Skillster:
hey look at the screen shot of the girl...
shes got one green eye and one blue!! thats messed!! I swear square are giving too much of the plot away (like with ff8-its the same team too making ff10).
you seen the size of the sword the hero's carrying (inthe last pic) nearly as big as cloud's!
square have been obsessed lately with heros with spiked/spikey (ish) hair, dont you think? they all look the same...edit: hell=typos errors >50%  8)[This message has been edited by The Skillster (edited January 13, 2001).]

the goddess of water and the god of fire.......hhhmmmmmm....seems a bit fishy to me.....um, i dont know what im talking about.

I'm not too fond of the new big-assed logo, it'll be tricky to fit into any kind of web design...Come to think of it, the colors in the logo are nearly identical to the ones I used for my win98 title bars a while ago... It's a small color-space after all  :wink:[This message has been edited by Qhimm (edited January 13, 2001).]


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