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Magic Hammer (v1.12) changes:
added Tab "Field Enc": Field / World Encounters.
Added in "Cheats" tab: "Run by default" checkbox.
Added in "Cheats 2" tab: "Master materia multiplier" and "Sell item multiplier". How to use: The multipliers are updated upon entering the shop. To use a different multiplier, select a value in the combo box, then click on the "Always use changed multiplier" checkbox.

Magic Hammer (v1.13) changes:
Fixed errors in the names of enemies in the "Field Enc" tab
"Run by default" checkbox has been moved to "Cheats 2" tab
Added in "Cheats 2" tab:
- "Autoskip Text" checkbox. Description: Skips text automatically. Stops skipping text if the game prompts you to choose an answer to a question. It doesn't work very quickly.
- Added "Chance for Attack with Status" cheat. Description: Can change the chance of inflicting a status attack on hit (for Added Effect materia). By default this chance: 5 / 15,75 or 20 / 63 = ~31%. Use an edit box or combo box.

Added in "Cheats 2" tab:
Added controls for the battle menu interface:
- Transparent menu checkbox
- Move menu checkbox: Move menu to the left
- Move Names checkbox: Move character names to the left; (can not be changed in battle. Change out of battle)
- Remove help background checkbox (see Screenshot 1 below)
- Remove help borders checkbox (see Screenshot 2 below)
- Remove menu borders checkbox: Remove battle command menu borders (see Screenshot 3 below)
- HP visible under menu: HP, HP Max, barrier and magic barrier bars are visible under transparent menu; (can not be changed in battle. Change out of battle)

Spoiler: show

Magic Hammer (v1.14) changes:
- Fixed errors in Ultimate weapon formulas
- Added in "Battle Stats" tab: accuracy with Flash command or with Darkness status + Fury status; accuracy with D.blow command + Fury status; Critical hit chance against Enemy 1;
- Character 1,2,3 changed to current characters names
- another minor fixes

Magic Hammer (v1.15) changes:
- Fixed error with names in the flashback
- Added in "Cheats" tab: multipliers for values in groupboxes
- Added in "Cheats 2" tab: several formulas
- Added in "Action Data" tab: several cheats
- another minor fixes


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