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I'll save a backup copy of this save file in case you need me to do any further testing on the scene, but I can go ahead with the game now! Thanks so much for the help/fix!

IT WORKS! \o/ It fades to black, fades back in, and then after a moment of wait the SCENE ADVANCES! Huzzah! Tested with just Beacause, but I see no reason why it shouldn't work with the rest of the mods.

Nope, still no dice. Scene still hangs. With just the Beacause mod, as usual.

EDIT: Oh, gotcha. I'll try again with the reup.

Will do! Definitely happy to help sort out an odd bug! (I'll replace after we're sure we're past it cause definitely up for nicer FMVs)!

Oh, didn't know the Steam ones were good! I don't really trust cash-ins so, good to know at least those are nice. Should I wait on the fix to replace them, though, just so we're sure we're past the bug?

You can do it! \o/

Wondering why the heck my movie files are weird though, and only weird with mods installed it's so... well, weird. If you've got a link to properly sized FMVs I'd love to plop those in, but for now I can totally use the Ochu trick to at least advance. Where's that located so I can download it?

Oh! Well then, at least we have a solution. Odd that it doesn't do that when I have no mods installed, but.

Yeah I'm using the ones from the disc, although I can't see how they would have been altered or corrupted, I'm just plopping them into the movies folder from the CDs. You got a recommended movie pack to download? I'm happy to replace with something you consider true to the original game.

Here's the applog with the Reunion installed:
Here's the applog with just Beacause installed:

Interestingly, with just Beacause (no model overhaul or any of the optional stuff) the screen goes black again! And start/select does nothing with this particular incarnation of the error. However, I did it by uninstalling Reunion and then reinstalling it with just Beacause, if that makes a difference.

I'm not sure what 'modpath' is so I'll need a more clear way to not include that, sorry about my lack of technical aptitude on that.

EDIT: Shoot. Well, it doesn't go black anymore. But the dialogue/scene doesn't advance either.

I would be too! Got it installed (very good guide, I'm terrible with instructions and had no problems with yours)! If for some reason it doesn't work (can't imagine why it wouldn't) I'll be back in a few minutes to let you know. No news'll be good news. :P

Thanks again!!

Says the file doesn't exist when I click the link!

Oh! Here's the answer to what I asked in the PM, okay!

It may just be people haven't played through the game with the current version of Reunion? I do wonder why it's not happening to everyone though, that is so weird. I'm glad I could help you find such a catastrophic bug, though!

Sorry for the delay on this! I didn't muck with OBS' default settings much so the video is small and it's an .flv file but hopefully this works for you!:

And here's my save file:

Both times the picture comes back is a result of me pressing start+select. Tried to move or do something both times but as always, no dice.

Uninstalled literally everything (including the game) and started from scratch. I can definitely say it's something Reunion (or Anxious Heart I suppose) is causing! I went through the scene with no mods (just the update and Aali's driver, the latter being installed indicates it's not the driver) and it proceeded properly. Once I installed Reunion, however, the glitch happened again (reloaded from the same save file). I don't know how to go about getting you a video, sorry. It seems like it glitches when Bugenhagen is supposed to say his next thing after the boogstar FMV. And I always install Reunion after Anxious Heart as you suggest (Reunion after other mods) if the order matters.

EDIT: And yes, adding that it always happens (with Reunion). I've tried different party members but I've attempted to go through the scene several times with Reunion, same issue. I think the only thing I haven't done is changed equipment and/or removed/changed materia.

PS - I didn't report it at the time cause it didn't break the game, was minor, and I thought it might be a memory fail on my part, but in hindsight it might somehow be related: I can't recall if the phrase "now" is supposed to come up during the junon march mini-game to signal when you should shoulder your rifle... if it is supposed to and I'm not just misremembering, though, it didn't. If that's supposed to come up, maybe it's somehow related to dialogue box cues? I'm no coder/programmer, so I just figured I'd throw that out there.

Oh, well the initial bug I reported happens without skipping. I don't actually skip movies, I just tried it to see if I could get past the bug (the weird black thing). I literally can't advance in the game as things stand. :p

That I can do! Looked it up and the movie file in question is 'boogstar'. I'll try skipping the movie section altogether and see what happens, as well! (I wouldn't say it fixes it though. It just makes the post-movie picture display. I can't input any commands and it goes black again pretty quickly).

And no, I'm not using 7H. Only have Reunion and Anxious Heart installed!

EDIT 1: It might be the movie skipping ability that's messing up the scene. I skipped the first part (with the shooting star) and the game sort of froze (the music still plays but it doesn't load onto the next scene.) Note that the music for the skipped movie also still plays (after that sound is over is when it doesn't move on). Edit 1 because I'm going to load up and try again only skipping the problem movie.

EDIT 2: Well the screen does not go black if you skip boogstar but... I can't control anything. Can't move Cloud around. Bugenhagen still floats up/down, music still plays, but I'd call it a form of hang anyways to be honest. (End of edits if you'd like to respond!)

EDIT: Pressing the start/select button at the same time brings it back up! ...and I can't do anything and it goes away again. I figured that might be an important detail, though.

Long time no comment, everyone! I think I found a bug and I can't seem to find it on the Database!:

In Cosmo Canyon, when Bugenhagen is doing his big old explanation inside his machine. After he shows what would happen if you took the spiritual energy from the planet and it collapses... the game screws up? Like, it goes to black as if it's going to shift the scene and it just stays there, black. It's not a hang because the music keeps playing. I waited a really long time and pressed a bunch of buttons and nothing happened.

I have Tifa and Barrett in my party if that makes any difference. I don't know how to do an info/error dump or I would.

I have the current build of Reunion (excluding Weapon) and Anxious Heart installed in terms of mods. I'm on Windows 7.

PS - Literally just smashed buttons again and the scene came back... and then went away again??? Yeah it seems to flash on and off irregularly and with long periods of black between. Huh. (It wasn't the smashing I think it was the start + select as mentioned above).

If I personally gave anyone a bad impression, I do apologize. If it's not what I want I just won't buy it - I believe speaking with my wallet is far more effective than speaking with my words in situations like this.

I mean I AM anxious about it due to being a huge '97!VII fan but I more or less said my piece and won't be bashing it or anything - Like I said, there are people that are going to love it even if I don't like it and I don't want to make them feel bad by ragging on something they like. There are unpopular things I love and it gets pretty upsetting seeing it constantly ragged on by others sometimes.

My gut has been in a very unpleasant knot ever since the announcement. Before E3, I figured it was just another rumor... but it turned out to be true this time. strawberries.

I'm hoping we get something of the overall quality of the VI remake(s, although the only one I've had more experience than screenshots with is the GBA one) just with pretty graphics and a proper translation. I enjoy the action in AC so as long as I have my turn-based battles and they limit it to cut-scenes, I'll actually be quite pleased with that... although I'll be just as fine without it. ...and honestly there ARE ways to make real time fights work and fit in with VII. It could avoid being a deal-breaker depending on how they implemented it.

Final Fantasy's two biggest competitors (in Japan) are Dragon Quest and Tales Of. Never been really into Dragon Quest, but Tales Of has huge plotlines with gorgeous worlds and a strawberries ton of voice acting (skits. Just... the skits alone). I love Tales Of. If you want traditional JRPGs in gorgeous 3D, the series is worth getting into. If they make a Final Fantasy VII that can stand up to the Tales Of franchise (which I'm a HUGE fan of its my favorite JRPG series - Tales of the Abyss is actually second/sometimes tied with VII as my favorite game EVER)...

Anyways, I'm not expecting anything but "its pretty" out of it. I have what I hope it is... but I also have what I expect it will be. If it ends up being what I hope for though... I'll buy a PS4. I will buy a PS4 for just this. In fact, I will fricking write a letter to Square-Enix of America thanking them (I'd write it to S-E of Japan but my Japanese isn't good enough for that). I will buy three copies of the damn game. I'm not kidding in the least. If this is the remake I'm hoping for I will literally buy a PS4, write a gushing letter to Square-Enix, and I will buy three copies of the game. I have the savings to do this and I will do this if I get the remake I've always wanted. I don't think my bank account's in any danger, though... But I will totally take photos and share here if it happens.

If it's what I'm expecting to be, I won't even buy one (and I'll know without buying it cause I have a friend that is going to buy it who understands my tastes, expectations, and can be trusted to report the game to me properly).

ALL THAT SAID... All my love and support for those of you that end up enjoying it. No matter how I end up feeling about it, someone is going to love it as the best thing ever, and I'm very glad for those that do. No fandom is mindless regardless of their tastes as far as I'm concerned - including the oft-harassed CoD fanbase. You like what you like. And everyone could do with more happy, regardless of the source (...unless the source is killing people, causing severe harm to oneself, or anything along that vein. Then maybe you should get help. :P )

Every digit crossed, I guess... Still stressed though.

After R01, having the (Mutsunokami) Yoshiyuki in my inventory feels kind of special, haha. So yeah, that fix worked!

60FPS update

Summons do not run at 15fps in PSX, they run at 30.  (2 unique frames a second).

It's running here at 30 also now ( 2 frames move, 2 frames still).  I checked this in virtualdub at full 60fps.  I suspected as much when I saw the Shiva animation was now smoother.

Ooh, so the summon animations will be smoother? It's something I noticed but chalked it up to technology of the time (as in it mirrored the PSX version as it's been forever and a day since I've played that and don't think I can go back after playing the Retranslation. XD)

Dan 2 Mugengigna 0.

@guyman.  Wait for R02c, and we'll see if that link fails.

*sticks tongue out* Beeeh.

Noticing some (very nice) changes in the translation. I really like the new direction on the train after you escape from the Reactor. The conversation overall seems way more natural and more in character.

I'm not sure the American English option is working though. You're already aware of the Mr thing with the lacking period but the kid at the Weapon/Armor shop in Sector 7 uses 'arse' instead of ass as well. Nevermind I think I forgot to check the American English option. I just reinstalled the Reunion to be sure so if it pops up again I can be sure.

That sounds like Aali's driver is not configured right.  You need to run FF7Config.exe and set the sound.

EDIT: Huzzah! It was me not running the reg files. If anyone ever needs help installing this mod with Anxious Heart or by itself on the '98 PC version just drop me a PM. I'm pretty sure I've had every problem possible at this point. ^^;


I think you just need to set the mod_path on ff7_config to "Reunion", if I remembered right...

It's set to that, it did that automatically when I installed Reunion (although I did double-check to make sure!)

Yes! Replay time! (I'm so sorry you lost your friend during the making of this thought. D: )

EDIT: Ugggh I'm having trouble again. I installed the 1.02 update, then Aali's most up to date driver, then Reunion, and then Anxious Heart. But when I try to open it (as Administrator, on Windows 7) it A) Opens Full Screen (I have it set to open at 960x720 and I've got fullscreen set to 'no') B) Skips any intro stuff and C) Loads looking like THIS:

I vaguely remember that visual error back before but I can't remember how I fixed it. Clean files to start with, too. If anybody's got a walkthrough that'd be great - I know Anxious Heart works with it but if there's some magical out of orderness going on I'd love to be told about it. I can't remember exactly what I did before.


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