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Completely Unrelated / Womp Womp Womp
« on: 2020-03-16 02:47:40 »
Poor little DLPB.

Couldn't handle getting trolled on his idiotic coronavirus topic, started deleting replies that trolled him and got the topic locked.

Mr. Tough Guy's last post (now deleted of course, can't let anyone know he's got soft feelings).

Also, Ric.  Give it up [about 20 deletes so far  ::) :-D].  You're on ignore - your posts aren't being read or seen - and it's much easier for me to delete your posts than it is for you to post them - and it makes me feel good to click the X.  Get off my threads and stay off.

Keep entertaining us, clown.

@Mods, I'm just being petty and bullying our favorite special needs child. Feel free to delete this post whenever you see fit.

I'll start by giving my own thoughts with as little spoiling as possible. The game overall is quite enjoyable, I've finished it and am now close to completing every side quest and taking on the superboss. However, while it's definitely enjoyable, it's definitely not perfect.

Great graphics (to be expected) on a PS4 pro at 4k resolution, however, make sure you stick with HDR off or on auto because it just absolutely kills the framerate when it's on.
The gameplay is fun,
It's a fully open world, you can basically access nearly every location from the start which is great, I had over 200 sidequests complete on chapter 3 (there are a total of 15 chapters)
The cast is a mix of funny, serious and badass characters, all of which get their moments where they shine.
The soundtrack is pretty good, I honestly enjoyed it far more than I thought I would.
Leveling is not difficult at all if you do sidequests, you'll reach really high levels without stopping to do any hardcore leveling at all.
There's a pretty good balance between the money you get and the money you spend on weapons and items.

While the story is not bad, it definitely feels like there's a lot of stuff left out, you never get to know why some characters are the way they are, sometimes you're slapped in the face with information that feels incomplete and you have to come up with conclusions for yourself.. It just could use more refining. Square has acknowledged this and announced that they will be adding a free update which will add to the story and which will also feature a new game+ option.
THE FONT IS TOO DAMN SMALL. Seriously. When playing from bed which is around 2 meters and half away from a 43" 4K tv I couldn't read a damn thing. They've also acknowledged this and will also add some option to scale in text in that same free update.
Magic is basically useless unless you wanna take out some wayyyyy higher level monsters than you in the beginning.
Fishing sucks. (Though you can max your fishing level and finish all fishing-related quests in around 1h and half or so..)
The 2nd part of the game is far too lineal and one of the chapters is an absolute painful mess to go through, and not painful as in "oh it's so hard", painful in a "wtf is this crap" way.  Another thing they've promised to tweak in that update.

Overall.. I'd rate it between a 7.5 and a 8 out of 10. Not a bad game at all but definitely needs some tweaking and fixing.

Troubleshooting / Aeris?
« on: 2010-04-09 17:15:59 »
1st of all, sorry if this is the wrong section to ask but i didnt see any other where it would fit
well as most people know, its possible to add aeris back to the party at disc 2 and 3 with a save game editor, however while playing the game... she stays as in the end of disc 1 which means that we cannot replace them with another member unless we save>exit game>edit the save and go back to the game...
is there any way to make it so we can switch her in and out INGAME at disc 2/3?

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